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  1. I kinda want to buy a body. Research it. necrophylliac!!! Yeah! Would that still be legal if i had the money?
  2. I hear that the "Money Shot" in doom is a 4 or 5 minute first person pov short. So if they keep that in the movie it might be something better. Resident evil is the only game gone movie that i have liked so far come on please dont fuck up doom.
  3. I could be wrong but I think they are selling geneticly grown or modified body parts and or people? The person to genetically be grown appears to be almost $200,000.00 dollars. But I dont speak the language so that could just as easy be for a complete nervous system overhual. The above I take all back im confused its gross and I want to hurl. Check out the eye balls. Again, i find more. The site is gortesque im gonna barf again. I am sickened. I went back and read it all in engrish lol. But I really hope this is fake. This is d diddly doo disturbing.
  4. click here But I thought that you might care or not. :jawa:
  5. Wow, rock on harvey danger. They do have great music from past. However newer stuff sounds repetative and yada yada. Thats a great start. Smashing Pumpkins also did a similar album as their last "real" album. Sucessor to the machina of the gods, was the final one. Pardon me as for I have forgotten the name. But the album ultimitaly sucked. I was just a huge fan at the time that I thought it was amazing that they would have done such a stunt five yrs ago. edit: Not even five minutes later. Got Harvey Danger Album. I know why its free. Its crap. I am glad to see this kinda movement amongst artists and bands. But really this is the reason albums that are traded illegally are illegal to download. Those types are typically worth half your dollar. This download other then to make this post, was not worth my time. :nono:
  6. Tomb raider: first one was okay. second licked balls. And mostly FREE ADVERTISING Resident Evil: Opposite of tomb raider. FREE ADVERTISING Mario brothers: you'd have to be pretty gay to like it. FREE ADVERTISING Halo and doom: Like every other game to movie. FREE ADVERTISING I think we hit a trend. Free advertising for the game company. To endorse any product that may be or will come out for a particular system or format of the game. Never to substitute the actual game product. Now if its a movie gone game that is totally a different format. But advertisements are still there. Cough* EA *cough. Okay so I don't get banned for an off topic post. Ill stick to doom. I have high hopes of putting a very homo erotic male wrestler gone actor as a raging hormonal male testosteron flaming freak as our hero and main actor in DOOM. Maybe they will hand out like a little handheld survival guide for beating doom I,II, and III. Kinda like they did for Wizard. Nintendo's endorsed ad campaign for super mario brothers three, when they handed out a small sample Nintendo Power magazine. Rather little phamplet. It was a joke. I saw the movie when it came out just for the damn Nintendo Power. I wasted my money. ha!
  7. My stance is simple for those who do or do not pirate music. To everyone who ever cared and wanted to take a stance. To those who don't really know when. Well now is the time here is the place. For all you to hear and understand this. FUCK THE RIAA!!! That is simply how I feel. There is not a lot more of an opinion that one can have. Unless I had millions of dollars to back this up or a personal campaign. But I don't so until then my stance remains unchanged. Fuck The RIAA!!!
  8. what a dork :eat: linking off of me even though the last link was yours lol.
  9. Hey, Cool site. Wow, droops, outside of Binrev. Being called a dick by some one else, who was too afraid to give his email address out lol. Anywho I liked the comments that droop highlighted. Worth a read and a good laugh. And the shows kick ass. TWAT
  10. Cool, chaostic!!! So lets keep this up start sign up under choastic next and so forth. Keep signing up under the next new person. As long as they are posting who the signed up under. We could all very likly win a nano. at the least be going to see a new movie on blingos penny. Anyways make sure to follow suit. Click last persons link to signup at blingo as long as they post previous persons link in quote. That way we all know whats going on and whos next. Btw heres to chaostics link again Sic. http://www.blingo.com/friends?ref=_xqcAPR_...Zf6deVfl0aXsjHA Thanks
  11. Cute. You wanna pay for me. Im sure it is decent. But you know what. I sure do have a knack for keeping conversation decent even after everyone posts trash about me, lol. In many cases send me pm trash talk too. I guess in the end i did get the last laugh.
  12. It is excellent software I wish I still had all the song packs and different sound sets for it. It is excellent software when it comes to techno. But I think the song packs are where its at. You should search for them. however after further investigation you must previously have a registered rebirth product or reason product to get the refill pack containing all reason or rebirth refills ever on the site. which is about 100megs or 97.1megs exactly.
  13. Zal91 who did you signup under? so we know the chain.. If your not sure if you trust zal sign up under merk at http://www.blingo.com/friends?ref=DmyteFwe...ZpOAj_la3t9Yimw thank you
  14. lol No its not that i am too cheap. Do you look at it? I bet you do and dont subscribe. come on admit it. Admit IT.
  15. why does my mozilla firefox take a decade and a half to load versus my crappy iexplorer that is more like insta boot?