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  1. Eh there's always the one Jahhead that goes wondering around certain areas around oceanside and gets in trouble... ..though I prefered Miramer (own barracks :NCO: and 24/7 shop) i was there for 3 months I did do the boogie board on del mar and oceanside , thats about as close to surfing as i've ever gotten. 4th class swim but loved the water.....
  2. yea foster....thebest base on oki compared to kadena must have been nice i was at kinser....hours away from anything good.i know i know has nothing to do with subject or watever just another marine joining in mindless conversation Ooh yea and pendleton sucks....i was ther for 2 years 33 area recon barracks.....nothing nothing nothingggggggggggg px closed @ 4 gym closed @6 it sucked sorry im bored!!! have to agree TJ was greeeeeeeeat