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  1. Sure, using the ntfs-3g driver: :voteyes:
  2. I think we all need to show our appreciation to dual and the entire RFA crew, especially Rax and k0nd0r. That being said we can't forget the source of inspiration for the show the brought us such rich content concerning technology, privacy and freedom: Hackermind. I'm to give HUGE props to Screamer Chaotix and Dash Danger Interrupt for their effort into making the first ever hacker radio show that I ever heard and that most likely got me where I am today in respect to computers and technology in general. Their homepage, , has been dead for quite a while but you can still get archived episodes at Enjoy and thanks to Jason Scott for keeping all those inspiring one's and zero's up there! --access
  3. Then I'd suggest just issuing a xorgconfig from a root prompt.
  4. Does the mouse work in CLI mode or is it a KDE thing only? If it's global then you should edit your X configuration file (usually /etc/X11/xorg.conf nowadays) and change the current mouse /dev/* entry in the Input Device section. To find that out I usually do a: # dmesg | grep mouse Hope it works!
  5. /me hugs dual On topic: The way I go about things is: # useradd -s /bin/bash -G wheel -d /home/axe -m -p <password> -v axe IIRC, the -v switch only worked for me in BSD.
  6. BSD is the best way to fly. :rockon:
  7. Check out the 11th article. Good to see ol' bland again.
  8. <zealot> If you really wanna evolve I'd suggest a move to BSD. Give FreeBSD a shot and see how you like it. You might just stick to it. </zealot> In any case good luck with your switch! As for the Apache stuff, I think it would be a safe try but I'm not sure if the locations would be the same. But what do I know?
  9. ROFL stfu n00b! We actually have a plan for when such a monstruos act will take place: ... *drum roll* ... FORK!!!
  10. Sweet! Thanks man, I was looking for more MindWar eps!
  11. YES! Perhaps there is still hope left for us...
  12. I'm posting this as a warning so in the future those of you who read this don't make the same mistake I have. From my experience it seems that switching to on NetBSD (which is still supporting XFree86 as the default X server) makes GUI programs, that use the Linux binary compatibility, dump core (such as www/firefox-bin). :blowfuse: My theory behind this is that the Linux emulation layer uses XFree86 libs while the system itself is running native libs. Just my 2 cents.
  13. This should help you start not only on the technical side of things but on the ethical one too: Good luck in your journey but remember that being a hacker isn't a destination but a continous process. :voteyes:
  14. There was talk about this on this week's Off The Hook. Emmanuel and Kevin talked about the Cisco news and about the Vegas bit someone mentioned above.
  15. You can count another BSD user on the list. I'm running NetBSD and also plan on installing Free on this same box. BSD rocks! NetBSD is the only OS that really appeals to me, it actually fits my personality. /me uses fluxbox