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  1. I always forget the exact name for them but I'm pretty sure around here we just call them boot disks (load up your prompt and whatnot) How much trouble could one get in for let's say... searching through school files with a boot disk for fun? On a side note what kind of boot disks do you guys prefer? I tend to think Knoppix is pretty nice... suggestions?
  2. Lol what if I strapped a remote bomb.. with a 5 second timer right onto my hard drive. In the US they have ways of screwing you over.. so they'll probably just charge you with somethign else if they can't get to your hard drive.
  3. Although if you've seen gilligan's island you can make a ham radio out of a coconut. On a side note I hope you're joking.. if not check google.
  4. I know how to do that.. but it uses a referrer.. which I have to use java commands to cancel, right?
  5. Ok i'll check out python first.. today I'm gonna finish w3school's HTML "class" or whateve r you'd call it. I have a friend who learned java though as his first programming language.. he said it wasn't that bad. But since you suggest python first I'll check it out. -Wolfsrage
  6. Mah plan would be to finish learning HTML (which is necessary IMO) and then learn to program with java. You have to know how something works to exploit it. (Correct me if I'm wrong here)
  7. After sifting through the articles on HTS I found this one about javascript injection: Link And I'm a bit confused about it.. I understand how to make a web page display the cookie but what exactly does voiding it do? Erase it? And if someone could better explain to me alerting and voiding with forms (HTML forms, to be more specific) I'd appreciate it.
  8. Ah thanks for the help. Before I found this site and started posting I was already working on the Basic Web Challenges on HTS and had already read this: http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/hacker-howto.html I will read this however: http://psypherx.com/articles/BeginnersMindset.txt And I've almost finished learning HTML coding and I have a basic understanding of the javascript alert and void commands.
  9. I've always been fascinated with problem solving and when I don't understand something.. figuring out the solution. Then I realize hacking might be really fun.. and quite frankly I think it is after messing around with some basic source code. I was just wondering how you guys would suggest doing to get "into" hacking. Now i've never learned a program code or anythign so I was wondering what kind of stuff should I learn first... HTML code, a programming language? I mostly want to be able to start with manipulating basic web.. so if someone could refer me to a good site to learn about injection (I've been told there's javascript injection and SQL injection, correct me if I'm wrong here) I would really appreciate that as well. Glad to be here and I am ready to learn and execute. -Wolfsrage