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  1. Sorry.. Alaska is a completely new place for me.
  2. That's a grim response. I arrived in Alaska, hoping there would be a lot of others like me that have the same dedication for knowledge... To learn about what's going around them that isn't visible. I hope that at there are at least a few people that live in Alaska, that have the same desire to learn. ... and I know that doing an exchange scan on Rural Alaska sounds like a lot. But, this is something I'm compelled to do. Something draws me to want to do it... As if it's a lifelong goal. Perhaps it's just my newfound love for this great land. Even if it takes me a year to accomplish. I'm going to get it done.
  3. I'm not looking for anything in particular... Carriers: good, Tones: great... Hell, give me an unusual error message. I'm looking to explore the Alaskan telephone system for anything; I don't care what it is. I just moved up here from Seattle 6 months ago, and I'm intrigued to see what's out there.. and with only 1 area code assigned for the entire state... It entices me to exchange scan the state even more. I am offering anyone else who wants to explore the Alaskan phone system to assist me in scanning some prefixes for me. I'm basically making it a project for myself and for anyone else who wishes to participate.
  4. Don't mean to thread dig, but I'm working on a project of exchange scans for the entire State of Alaska (As you might know, Alaska has only one area code: 907)... I am almost finished doing a scan of an entire Alaskan island. Then I'll move on to the Aleutian chain before proceeding to tackle Northern Alaska.. and if I still feel like it, the Southern Alaskan mainland (that will be the tough one since theres a lot of prefixes in that region). If you want to help out, let me know. I could always use an extra hand. - h3x
  5. Would you happen to know what size dish I would need for FTA??? I know you said a 18" - 24" dish.. But I live in Alaska and I'm not sure if I'd need to step up the dish size to be able to get a good signal.
  6. Yeah, there's a lot of interesting things about the Alaskan Phone System to say the least.
  7. I used to live in Seattle and 10-10-288-0 worked on any non-millenium payphone (if you tried it on the Qwest Milleniums, the keypad automagically locks). However, I moved to Alaska recently and when you try 10-10-288-0 it goes to It says "AT&T Alascom" and goes directly to a live operator rather than an automated message asking you to dial in a number..
  8. All I'm getting is a Reorder off my POTS line, and a ringout on GoIAX.
  9. 342 is my number :voteyes:
  10. Instead of putting a restriction on THC content (which is a bad move because the gov would make it not worth smoking), you should use the same penalties for selling to underage kids (under 21) and triple the penalty to that of alcohol. problem solved.
  11. I don't spoonfeed noobs, so quit PMing me.
  12. I couldn't agree with you more.. "Hard" Drugs are destroying the hacker/phreak community.. But it doesn't stop there.. Its destroying humanity as a whole.. One good example is my cousin and her kid. They both smoke crystal meth together and are always winding up in jail for domestic violence and theft. Now my cousin's kid is only 16.. hes fucked up his future.. he has nothing to look forward to.. The only thing he can look forward to is mopping shit up in a Burger King to feed his meth habit and his mom (my cousin) isn't helping him get anywhere, shes destroyed his life. Don't get me wrong.. Crystal Meth and Marijuana are COMPLETELY different. Look at Crystal Meth (or even Alcohol).. What could a Meth user or an Alcoholic do while they are on Meth or Alcohol? They could become violent. You drink and get yourself wasted.. and maybe someone in a bar wants to start shit with you, you end up killing the guy in the parking lot and you pass out... Wake up in jail the next day and you won't even know why you're there until you ask a guard.. Thats how bad Meth (and chronic alcohol use) can get.. and people have got to that point and have to spend the rest of their life regretting whatever they did in a cell. Now, what could a marijuana user do while they are on pot? The worst thing they could possibly do is just sit on their lazy ass watching TV all day... Now which one is worst? As you can probably tell from my avatar or sig, I smoke pot. However, I do it responsibly.. I only smoke pot on my time off.. I don't go to work stoned, I don't use my car when I'm stoned, and I don't do it on a daily basis.. Its just something I enjoy doing on my free time.