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  1. I know the post is old, but could use touch as well
  2. I was just wanting to add that if you want the SSIDs to be the same and on the same channel you'll need an AP that can be used as a repeater, which if you use a ddwrt compatible router, the ddwrt firmware will allow you to switch the router into a repeater mode. I'm not sure on if you'd want to really have the same SSID for both APs if they were on different channels, not sure if that would have any affects on the customers using it. Hope this helps And for anyone that doesn't know what ddwrt is, their website is www.dd-wrt.com, and if you have a compatible router, it will turn that say $60 router into a $600 router
  3. one more thing to look at as well would be what machine are you using (Winblows or Linux) to run Wireshark? With Linux you'll need to run the Wireshark command/script/program with sudo (if you're not using BackTrack) since you'll need to have root privs to run the card in promisc mode and get all traffic on the network
  4. I too have the Alfa AWUS036H along with a generic GPS module. The best thing I could suggest is to use a free program called Inssider http://www.metageek.net/products/inssider/ With it you can log your trips, save the GPS data in a format so you can open it up on Google Earth, or upload to Wigle. The GPS maps that you create also color code the nodes (APs) that you log during your trip by encryption type along with their SSIDs. Inssider is available for both Windows >= 7 and Linux. I have always ran Inssider on my 7 box, but just be aware that if you run it on your Ubuntu distro you might have to run it with the sudo command, but wouldn't have to if you're using it on your Backtrack boot, since you're already root. Hope this helps