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  1. One word. debtakeover. What is it you have on the box, and what is that you want to install?
  2. A copy of the baby!
  3. You can probably do it easier and quicker using grep, awk and sed. But, you will need to give us a little more information as to exactly what you're doing.
  4. Make sure you compile framebuffer support in, and you can use fbi to view them. You should also give bootsplash and shot, I recently enabled it and really enjoy it.
  5. Hm. Although there are 2 threads for this already, here and here - the card I'll recommend is the SMC 2532W-B. Dig those threads as they have good banter in them.
  6. You are correct. It does use radiotap as opposed to how they work with Linux, and as current as it is - as far as I know radiotap doesn't support RFMON when it comes to Orinoco/Hermes-I chipset cards. So, your card won't work with any applications that use passive sniffing - Kismet or bsd-airtools. BSD-AirTools will however, allow you to actively scan for AP's by sending out beacons - which is very noisy. If you want to complain to somebody, it's either Sam Leffer (for the original code) or Pedro who's pulling it from OpenBSD onto FreeBSD. Either way, eventually they'll get it working on FreeBSD so just hang in there.
  7. Oh my word. 802.11b/g is in the 2.4GHz spectrum and 802.11a sits in the 5.8GHz range. has a dummified explanation of it.
  8. If you keep the source tarballs, some include a `make uninstall` within the Makefile - that's if you're super lucky. I'd suggest you start using CheckInstall to create binary packages for Debian that can be installed and uninstalled using dpkg. For the existing ones, you might use something more dangerous-like, perhaps this (if you wanted to remove, say, mplayer) updatedb && locate mplayer | xargs rm -rf to remove all traces of files with mplayer in it, or inside an mplayer-ish directory.
  9. Yeah. It depends on how the data is arranged. It could be an easily solved problem using awk, sed and grep. Post an example for how the documents have the data and perhaps we can give you a solution.
  10. You might try using a soft-yet-abrasive cleaner to do it - something like toothpaste. All it does is level the polycarbonate down to the depth of the scratch/gash in it. You can also try something like a 2500 grit sand paper and lots of time. I've picked up my slim-line PS2 many times from the right side, and pressed the disc into the surface but I've never scratched it. You might also be able to get an audio place to repair the disc for you, somewhere that sells pre-owned stuff probably.
  11. You mean . I know some dudes from to2600 who are definately going to be there. There are some pretty big guns talking this year. This one seems a lot more "playful" by the looks of the speakers than the 2004 one.
  12. No, everybody should be using Opera. See here. Opera has had like, 5 bugs since newer high 6.x builds. Which for the most part are all locally exploitable that don't even have working PoC's that do anything.
  13. Well, setting up a VPN in Windows is as easy as pie - client and server. Same with Linux - TLDP.
  14. Uh. yeah. Why is this in the General Code section? Anyway, most of your "free links" can be found at freestufftimes.
  15. No. This is precisely what VPN's are used for. Do you guys just not give straight answers anymore? Sub7? What in the hell? The VPN will allow you to tunnel, using the internet as your medium, into "your" internal LAN on the other side. This is the main purpose of a VPN - so use it to your advantage.