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  1. Hi, I'm a journalist for a Belgian magazine. I'm writing about the phone hacking scandal in the UK. I'm trying to find out if it's possible to hack Belgian voice mails. So far, I've managed to hack 1 mailbox through spoofing (I asked permission of the owner first). Unfortunately, I've had to use a commercial spoofing solution, and the technique doesn't work for the bigger telco's. I'm looking for people who can take me further into the theory & practice of voicemail hacking. Can anyone get me in contact with Belgian hackers? Anonymity is guaranteed (in Belgium, even by law: no officer of the law can force me to hand over any information pertaining to the identity of my sources). DISCLOSURE: my aim is to hack a few voice mail boxes with permission from their owners. I will then detail the steps I went through in a magazine article. I will not use any hacks for nefarious purposes. Indeed, I will contact the TELCO's and warn them that their system is hackable. Reply or send me a PM if you can help me. Thanks for your help.