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  1. Yes. It is not really gemini's fault(so they wont help). They just don't advertise that it is a HID device not midi, and they bundle it with virtual dj which runs HID. Tech support says you cannot run it with any midi programs because it uses HID, which is a different language. They are right about this, and they do not speak English very well, so the goal is to prove them wrong by translating the HID into MIDI. It can be done on a mac, but I need to do it on a pc.
  2. Hi, so I know of a mac program that will do this, but I am poor and own a pc, so I need a little bit of help. I recently bought a ctrl one MIDI dj controller, which is actually HID and MIDI. It does not work with traktor pro or ableton live because of this HID. I really like this controller and I was able to get it very cheap, so I would like to keep it. I know there are ways to turn HID devices (like xbox controllers) into MIDI language. Will someone link a program that could do this, and a link for directions on how to use the program. I am willing and interested to learn how to do this, but I dont know how to program or anything so directions from a noobish level would be great lol. I am running windows7 64 bit. Thank you soo much for the help, Chicago.
  3. Does midi yoke work for windows7? I tried to install it and it didn't seem to work. I and trying to get geminis ctrl one hid controller to work with ableton and traktor. =/ Thank you.