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  1. Phishing is just a media buzzword. And only a complete idiot would bother. You can steal someone's identity with nothing but a web browser. I'd perform SQL injection on a completely random site. Then check if the password for their account is also used for things like their email. Once that's logged into I can almost deal with everything directly.... even update their facebook status to "going on a shoping spree".
  2. Most kids on sites like this only want to fit in with people they view as being more intelligent and tech savvy than themselves. I, on the other hand, simply like computers. That's the difference between a true computer hobbyist and people who call themselves "hackers" to draw attention onto themselves. If you want to learn about computers then read dry to-the-point computer related books (Instead of looking like a dork in front of a payphone... or trying to lockpick at a Defcon seminar.)
  3. The script in itself doesn't actually do anything at all. And even if it did... you should have called the API directly instead of dropping a control into the form. One of the reasons why is because VB6 uses wrapper classes for that control. These libraries simply aren't going to be installed on most computers. And RegCreateKeyEx should have been used instead the windows script host.