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  1. here is the RIAA number; I will list extensions later once i start to play with them. 202.775.0101 country code 01 Owned I am glad to say that much and now I am off to harass them a little with some phone cards. Extensions: (soon to come) --Gevstorvsky ok i admit it was lame but what am i? thats right...
  2. ... just get a account from there
  3. I launched warcraft three like I do on a slow morning and I hear something wierd from my unplugged speakers... It was a country radio station; then it switched to heavy industrial; then to public; now it is cycled to talk radio and public radio again right now. Any explanation; I am keeping speakers like this for now. Could it be that it (my speaker audio cable has been made into an anteanae by accident? Right now they are discussing terrorism; lots of feedback... Please an explanation? --Gevstorvsky
  4. I might make a donation; and buy a advert. --Gevstorvsky
  5. I am thinking of the program; I have it downstairs I think that it is called EthMon1 or something; I would have to move I will do it after I eat my meal and PM it to you. --Gevstorvsky
  6. I will refer some people I know who hack in georgia. --Gevstorvsky
  7. I am reading a book on perl scripting; mabey I could help you. --Gevstorvsky
  8. Anyone want a email? not sure about how much space exactly; but who can resist a name like that?. --Gevstorvsky
  9. I found this book while on my every day expidition to; Here is the direct link to the explanation: God's Debris is the name of the book. And here is the book itself: I reccomend archiving it as I have. --Gevstorvsky P.S. I don't want to hear anyone say this is warez because it is NOT; Scott Adams freely gave this book out. I think that people should do as this; just to get their stuff out there. Props to Scott Adams remember to thank him at (if that is still his email adress) and finally with out adeiu; /edit/ This book has nothing to do with dilbert \edit\ --Gevstorvsky
  10. Are the links down? The IP itself just is a empty directory; did you put up right IP adress? Mabey it is a private system; if it is don't try to access it; that might get you in trouble. --Gevstorvsky
  11. Hey man; sounds pretty cool I bet I could learn something from you. Get google talk; My name Gmail adress is Bill.Gevstorvsky PM me. --Gevstorvsky
  12. You mean subpeona, . (in reply to zigman) but seriously reading those emails would get you into a lot of trouble; and we mainly like to stay out of that sort of thing. If you think that she is hurting your buiseness contact the proper people. (in reply to thread starter) --Gevstorvsky
  13. Try going and deleting the log files; C:\WINDOWS\system32\LogFiles\ This will fuck up any XP box (not sure about 98) It will create an error unable to read memory. --Gevstorvsky
  14. Yeah strom, I am sure about this. It has been around for a while, What the FBI want's is to be able to control these, but not that they will (if I have anything to do with it). --Bill Gevstorvsky
  15. Indeed. I find that every time we make a measure to protect our privacy, they make a counter-measure. --Gevstorvsky