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  1. I talked to our NMR guy and and he suggested a free windows alternative to try before going through other trouble so I am going to go that route. However, he did say that the virtual centos box should work in theory (turns out our machines are running CentOS boxes with this program). If I don't enjoy the alternative I will run the virtual box and hopefully it will be quick enough to be worth it without dual booting. Tekio: Yeah, they really want a beefy video card and some serious cpu power but only for the higher dimensional experiments you can run. I deal mainly in 1D and then only in simple data manipulation (our main instruments handle the major calcs before I get the data). Hopefully the minor use I need on a day to day basis would be doable with virtulization. TheFunk: Happy V-Day to you too. The OsX thought was because alot of people around here are rocking it and I thought there was more reason to it than "well, it came with the computer". Thanks for the advice guys, if I end up attempting the virtual box (may do it anyway so there is precedence later, guess we'll see how the weekend goes) I'll post on how it worked.
  2. Hey Binrev, Long time. Anyway, I am in grad school for chemistry and a program we use to interpret and manipulate NMR data called VNMRj is exclusive to unix systems. I could really really use this program but am using Windows 8 currently and don't particular want to run a MAC emulator ( I would just dual boot first I think) but was wondering if anyone knew if there was way to set this program (maybe in a virtual environment using the emulator?) up to run on my windows machine. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  3. I have been out of computers for a few years now (6 since my last program) but now I need to get back into them. So, two things I would like some suggestions on: 1) My work is going to eventually lead me to performing Density functional theory calculations on some fairly complex chemical systems. Most of the current programs are in Fortran. A list can be viewed here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_quantum_chemistry_and_solid-state_physics_software I suppose I will be learning Fortran this summer. Any good references for this will be greatly appreciated. 2) I am going to be getting a new laptop soon and I need it to keep up with things like this ( the DFT program) along with my extensive multi-tasking. I don't game on PCs so graphics only need to be good enough to render some structural models with enough clarity to explain things if I need to do a presentation over it. I was thinking and intel core i5 would do the trick with around 8gb ram to start off. Would love something like the i7-3720QM but the budget is around 800 right now and I need longevity out of this laptop. Any suggestions are welcome. (won't buy for about 2 months to try and save more money but like to plan ahead) As always if anything is unclear just ask and I will clarify, and thanks in advanced
  4. The fan had yet to reach a high speed in days and everything ran fine. Couldn't feel any heat through the back or keyboard (which I could before). And even after letting it set for hours, it still will not run for longer than 40 seconds or so. Still think it is just overheating? If so I will reapply the paste.
  5. I have a gateway laptop computer that has been running very hot. I finally cleaned the fan and reapplied thermal paste (arctic silver 5) and it has been running smoothly. Today I tried a system restore to yesterday... Now, the computer will begin startup, run for about 50 seconds and then shut itself off. I am really at a loss for what is going on. Any advice for how to fix this or trouble shoot better? Edit:\ Safe mode won't work either. Any other options besides reformat?