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  1. @ ThoughtPhreaker EXCELLENT point about the vinyl. I am a good example of how Vinyl can reduce piracy. I still might download a certain album for free online for convenience purposes and because I can't wait to hear it before it is released officially. However, I am a big Vinyl Collector and if there is any album I dig, I generally go out and buy the vinyl. In the past, I wasn't really into CDs (except for the jacket sleeve which is cool) but Vinyl is so cool because the media itself is what's awesome, not just some accessory that comes with it. There's something about how one can manipulate the vinyl itself and the sound quality is far superior when spun on vinyl in my opinion (and most others' opinions as well who have ever heard at least a little bit of vinyl on a good turntable and sound system and compared it to the CD played on the exact same sound system.) After I started collecting vinyl, I probably gave more money to the record industry in a year than I had my entire life before collecting vinyl.