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  1. Now thats cause for celebration !!!
  2. what were you trying to do that they "booted" you?
  3. Wow the NSA site has changed a lot, check out the information for dummies webpage. just kidding
  4. GPS

    I think there is a lot of conflicting information on how the chipset in the phone interfaces with gps, I recently attended a Voip conference where a representative from lucent gave a presentation on gps fuctionality. He claimed that you can use location inabled devices with the current chipset. However, at least with the verizon wireless's system, use turn by turn directions with the phone itself
  5. GPS

    Nextel has there wireless version of GPS, though this fuctionality is only supported on there network. Since other carriers (eg. verizon), uses a form network based signal triangulation to find your exact location for e911. has some more info as well as a brochure if you want to learn more about the technology.
  6. I would have to agree, they most likely installed the conduit so that if they needed say "fiber" lines or new network lines, they could easily run new wiring. Personally, it sounds like a real slick method of running cabling, though I'm sure the contractor that installed the conduit didn't think about accessing the wire's.. :help:
  7. That would be interesting to find out how well this is working. I spoke with one of the rep's from vonage and he said it is possible to interface a regular analog modem with their voip product. From a business standpoint, if this is possible it would allow a company to migrate all there pots lines to voip technology.
  8. I definitely agree that it would rock if AT&T incorporated the "old School" logo, though with the graphics geniuses of the word i don't see this happening. ←
  9. What exactly do you propose the did number's for? are you proposing setting up did's so that a user could use SIP to terminate inbound calling? I think the website through me off. Let me know it sounds pretty interesting
  10. I would be really skeptical about providers who ask you to prepay for a years worth of service in advance. They are probably just trying to get a boat load of customers on board, and i would venture to guess that in a couple of months they are going to have routing issues. If you are looking for solid VOIP service i would personally stick with the major carriers (AT&T,Vonage,etc). I had broadvoice in the past, and all that i can say is their customer service is abysmal and their network is erratic. For instance i would constantly have to unplug my ATA after a 10 minute phone call, where my room-mate's vonage service worked all the time.
  11. Cell phone providers will not release there records for wireless phone service. Some companies were talking about having a central repository for mobile phones, thought i am not sure what came out of it. I know for a fact Verizon Wireless made a statement about NEVER releasing any customer information, and keeping there database private
  12. Just because your work requires you to dial 9 to get an outside line, it doesn't mean you have a centrex line. In all likelyhood being a large corporation, you probably have a pbx system in your store and a couple pri's or data connection.
  13. Linux? is that similar to linspire?? what if i try running asterisk on a windows box, does that mean my cisco phone comes up with a blue screen everytime i want to make a call! Wow... What is this "Asterisk" you speak of? /I keed, I keed! (Welcome Zop! Enjoy your stay.) ←
  14. The way centrex works is it's a form of a hosted pbx. What sbc/ameritech noticed was that business customers wanted extra features (such as calling between sites,call forwarding,transfering,ect). Thus, just like you are required to dial 9 on your pbx, you are also required to dial 9 on an centrex circuit because it complete's the circuit. Now where you get into tricky area's, is especially when you have an alarm system on a centrex account and you want to make changes.
  15. I know that telcordia actually publishes this data, and according to there website you must have a subscription that roughly a grand a year. However, I was wondering what benefits lerg had to over regular NXX queries? Additionally, i was wondering how compared to lerg, since it appears to gather some of its data directly from lerg.