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  1. It moves pretty good. Finally something I can actually install oracle on and still actually do work. LOL... Its not the lightest thing, but its also not a brick. Anyway.. rock on *dont forget bout the nifty light built into the monitor.
  2. Howwwwwwwwdy
  3. I am liking my IBM. Have a A31 P4 2gz, 1 gig RAM, 40gig HD, cdrw/dvd. The Thing has been nothing but good to me. The mouse took me a lil getting use to , but its much nicer than the touch pads on my other tops. It also has this cool lil light above the monitor. One thing that bugs me is that the speakers can be hard to hear some times due to the location. Other than that I would definitely get another IBM top.
  4. win2k x3 Knoppix Solaris 8 (soon to be 9) slackware
  5. 1. Win 2k 2. Win 2k 3. Win 2k 4. Debian 5. Slackware 6. Solaris 8 <-- My baby , the box not the OS
  6. Eastern time zone I presume? Doh.... didnt read hals last post. Its friday
  7. Let me rephrase yes there were amphibious vehicles. But we are talking about a 1959 buick. In the article it stated: "Relatives say the homes of the mechanics were periodically raided by state police." Got Balls? hehe..anyways Down with Fidel!!
  8. 334-756-3336 - dales den (AL)
  9. Man that does suck. Fidel is bound to keel over soon. Well I guess where they dont have cell phones it allows them to do other things... They do have some interesting ummm.. Car Boats
  10. What about the SPAM that is titled: FREE GirlFriend...pump included. Then what does one do? SPAM...whats for dinner
  11. I got the same one a few days ago. It gave me a good laugh just trying to read the damn thing. Damn Idiots
  12. Hal I know you wanted the E450. I will say thanks for finding that box for me. It was quite an ordeal to get delievered since I didnt have a loading doc for the 18 wheeler. hehehe....
  13. TCP/IP Illustrated by Richard Stevens ...
  14. 1 Sun E450 running Solaris 8 currently 1 old 486 running BSD 1 laptop running Knoppix 1 laptop Win2k 1 desktop Win2k 1 desktop XP pondering a Power MAC G5.
  15. ...hacksaw...I shall ponder on this for a bit.