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  1. Hey guys, I have a Acer i3 laptop and I have both Windows 7 and AntiX linux installed.Windows 7 works fine but when im running AntiX I cant dectect my wireless at all. I think it may be some thing to do with linux not being able to find my ethernet card. Even when I type my wireless information manually I still cant find it.Does this sound familier to anyone???? Thanks for any suggestions.
  2. domain is probably just forwarded to a different server, in which case the directories would not matter... when forwarding a domain you can either lock the domain name in the address bar, or show the forwarded address in the bar... my domain is forwarded to a blogspot address... but i have the actual address of the page show... so http://nyphonejacks.com http://nyphonejacks.com/example http://nyphonejacks.com/example2 all go to the same page on the forwarded domain... i could be wrong.. it is possible that they may have set their 404 page up to redirect to the main directory.. That makes sense, even if Im already on the main page I can type the directory names and it wont matter, if the 404 page redirects you to the home page will the URL reset too??
  3. Ive noticed this on a few web pages and wondered what it meant, when you go to the home page or login page you can type any directory name into the URL bar and it will always show the same page. Example: http://www.example.com/ http://www.example.com/example/ http://www.example.com/example/example 2 All of the above URLs would show the same page as the 1st example. (These are not meant too be actual links, just the general idea) If anyone has any advices as to what this means please reply
  4. Hey everybody, Im kinda new to all this and I have a question about a website Ive been looking at lately. I know this website is very insecure and vunerable to SQL injection. I can access any of the user accounts on the site but I cant seem to find Admin. I think the Admin login must be seperate to the main site because I know the Admin address and when I used it together with SQL injection at the login page it didnt work. This is strange because when I do this with any user account it works. Also I have looked through the /images directory of the site and seen the "admin_images". These all look different to the login the main site. If anyone has any ideas Im open to suggestion. Thanks in advance.