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  1. any members on here from the indiana area?
  2. wont load bro, tis just an index of and then a cgi-bin
  3. ik im a n00b on this forum but i have a clean non backdoored version of spyeye, and have been giving a link to hackforum members, if you want it pm me and ill happily give u a link, if u dont believe me u can run it in a vm and scan it, its 100% clean
  4. as do i but im not talking about spamming, im talking about using it for phishing and SE to get access to someones accounts
  5. hey guys i was bord a couple of nights ago and i had an idea while watching a movie on netflix, phishing emails have become a bit of a normal thing, but alot of them are either traceable to an account or they are just thrown into the spam folder of the victim, anyway i thought about sending the phishing emails via telnet, smtp servers, if said person was to run a trace on the phishing email all they would get is the address of the smtp server that we telnet'd in to and if the email was send using the same smtp server as the victim then it would not be thrown into the spam folder and there would be a higher chance of the email actually being opened. this is just an idea but i would love to here any feedback on the idea.
  6. you might want to try using gpu's as cracking utilities, just an idea, ik that there are already a few programs out there, but none of them fully support a large range of diff cards.
  7. Hey

    Hey all i just joined, figured id say whats up.
  8. there isnt a universal tool for hacking youtube accounts, its mostly SE, rats, keyloggers, and phishing these days. it is certainly possible to get your account back its just a little bit complicated if you have no idea who the person is.
  9. windows stores the SAM file in a folder called TMP/TEMP, i cant remember witch, anyway if u can find the file then u can copy it if u have the rights on the account but windows tends to hide this file from all users even admins so your best bet in finding it is to either use an app that can retrieve the file, or boot off a live disk of linux, the last time i did this all i had to do was boot an ubuntu live cd (10.04) and mount the internal drive and just browse to the tmp folder on the C:/ drive and copy it flash drive.