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  1. I also back DSL. Have it installed on a 500mhz gateway solo. Only concern is, bigger swap. make 512, if you plan on using it intently. I have crashed dsl from using firefox on myspace with alot of flash, while listening to streaming music on xmms, gaim, and ssh file transfers. Once I placed a swap file (I had 128 ram) it got better, and once i made it 512, I havent seen a single problem.
  2. I think he means he is not getting a dhcp address that works. Maybe because the ap has mac filtering or has dhcp turned off. Best bet is to scan packets of the ap's transmissions and read them to see what ip range it is using.
  3. iirc irda and the infrared that remotes use do not use the same protocol. Look at the lirc project and make a receiver for like 10 bucks for serial port.
  4. Using which technique? Booting into single user mode. Unless disabled from openfirmware/efi And what you did can more easily be done via the netinfo manager in the Utilities folder. You authenticate (I.e. admin name and password) then you can enable root (meaning you can login with root, not just sudo su into root) and change root password. And the OS x Admin account is similar to the Windows admin account except... the os x admin account can do whatever they want, but only after sudoing/authenticating. The windows admin is more like root. No prompting for safety. Just like any other *nix distro.
  5. Syslinux might be what you want. If you can install it on the hd instead of a floppy, then have it load linux from the live cd, then have the live cd load linux toram so you can erase the hd.
  6. If you have your own lan, meaning you control the router as well as everything else, if you turn off the router's dhcp and have your computer start its own, and have your computer's ip become the gateway for every other computer, you can scan all the data coming thru. Or if your router has the option, change the default gateway it sends out with dhcp.
  7. Back when schools used old macs, there was a extension you could install that would black out a pixel of the monitor every time the computer restarted. Eventually part of the screen would be missing. I miss that.
  8. Ive used both belkin and iogear kvms. The belkin one was 2usb and one vga connection, the iogear was ps2 and vga. But mainly, I use my monitors, one is a video switch (dual input) and the other a mitsubishi with dual video input and usb kvm. Which im selling cause I got no room.
  9. Have you tried NFS instead of samba? Try that, then load the video in vlc and see how it plays.
  10. Supposed update to the ccna exam in december/end of year might mean you should wait. I've heard that you're really gonna need experience on the newer ios and 2600 series routers or better. I currently own just one 2621 (two builtin fast ethernets, with a t1 and a 2miniserial connection cards) and I can do other ccna labs due to the routers at school (mixed 2500, 2600, and 2600xm). You might also need a catalyst switch to make your lab complete. Me, i use router sims for those, and I have gigabit ethernet and fiber switches from 3com for actuall transfers.
  11. AFAIK, there is no way in windows/fat16-32/ntfs to do it without third party software or drives. Even the U3 system used on new thumbdrives (WHICH BLOWS ASS BTW) needs to be installed to access the encryptd part of the drive, and that won't fly on locked down computers. You can always create a linux partition and then a windows partition on the drive, and keep everything you want protected on the linux partition. Or just manually encrypt the files with a password using like winzip or rar.
  12. Just replace the antenna on the transmitter with a bigger one. Just look at the itrip "hacks"/mods. Basiclly, a bigger antenna means the signal gets sent further/stronger. Most of these transmitters are half of the legal limit of non-license needed transmissions, so your safe. Besides that, with it being on your person, meaning you move around, with a signal strength/distance of 30 feet at best, no way the fcc would catch you. (You would see them trying to locate the signal if you do it everyday in one area at the same time and someone complained). Thee fcc only catches people who are way beyond the unlicensed limit and who are stationary. (pirate radio out of a house for like 500 feet). But it is illegal past a certain signal strength. Ohh, and point the antenna up and towards the receiver antenna. Its not really as omnidirection as it should be.
  13. always try downloading the php file name as x.phps (where x is the file name) Some people share the source.
  14. Ever since the board was switched to the new software a while back, I have noticed that it keeps crashing Safari, constantly but not always. IE a thread will crash it on the first load, but maybe not the second or third, but will crash it eventually. Hence i have stop visiting the forum. Any info on why? Any plan on upgrading the forum software again to fix this if it has been a fixed bug?
  15. theoreticlly this could work if the laptop connects to router 2, since it is all behind the first router, the laptop can see the other two computers. Those computers would not be able to see the laptop or the third computer without port fowarding/dmz. If the wrt54g was just setup as bridge mode to provide wireless access, all computers connected to it would be inside the first routers ip network, instead of the 2nd routers ip network.
  16. Its probably just the old version I'm using compared to Safari 2.x on Tiger/10.4. The safari project/apple won't be updating it (not a security issue) So I'll stick to binrev on damnsmalllinux/firefox or at work.
  17. Well necroing to bring up a good thought. Depending on the isp, you can fault the isp's own negligence in not informing their customer on how not to break their tos and securing the network (THey have the knowledge, not the customer). Verizon in jersey has started sending their wireless dsl routers with the mac as the ssid and the router id as the wep password as default, along with how to configure it. They didn't use to (1.5 years of free dsl via verizon's wifi routers till I moved and got my own dsl service thru them). This could be used in court along with window's automatic joining of unsecure ap's as proof that there was no "hacking" or intended theft of service. For all you knew, the ap was open on purpose.
  18. Safari 1.3.2 is the latest version of safari for OS X 10.3.9. I don't see why binrev should be crashing it either, given that the one plugin I use (Ape Manager), I removed and the problem presisted. And only on binrev (Only invision board I frequent). Don't know if it would be useful to you, but i could post the crash reporters logs for safari, showing which threads were running when it crashed. And if I wanted to use firefox/camino/opera/lynx or any other browser, I would.... Other then this silly crashing business, firefox only has half of one thing over safari, and that's its tabs and commands for the tabs. Not enough to add more to my laptop.
  19. No OS-X readable/installable function. Use the disk utility function to wipe the drive and format it to macos/hfs/+ then you can install.
  20. The car analogy doesn't work. One, a car dealership doesn't control the manufacturing process, and even when told could not do anything to change thye fact within a couple of minutes. Sourceforge could.
  21. If the dir is accessible without password on a public site online, theres more then enough reasonable doubt that it was meant to be public
  22. The letter next to P and the two next to L are different as well. Maybe german keyboards only hav 6 different then us Qwerty?
  23. Not sure about your Best Buy but the one here uses a trash compactor. I don't think I want to try and climb into it. one of the local best buy uses one, but it has wheels. I push it out of the way and unplug it LOL.I guess there is atleast one good thing about being big. (6'6' 350lb) Uhh, I call shenanigans? Wtf, you pushed a giant metal trash container out of the way? WTF are you, the worlds strongest man able to pull buses by the hairs on your balls? Most compactors are 1) big metal containers, and normally at an incline into the building. So pics or bs.
  24. Well, good news and bad news. Good news is that I can now log ip and times. Bad news is, I can't add a php script to my crappy host and to myspace (Anything with .php gets parsed out to ".."). Since I couldn't get the script working, and a change from to forced me to change my password on the account, I saw that it has webstats option, which i can ftp into and copy all the individal day's logs. Now i get a copy of every ip that loads an image on my myspace hosted on my website. Sweet
  25. Now, do I need to name the script *.php to run correctly? Or can I name it .j or .jpg?