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  1. Fat distros need love too. Maybe, but damn, even the website looks bloated as hell.
  2. Size alone does not make it like dsl. Flash linux seems bloated, as well as aimed towards newer computers only. Being "usb" bootable requires newer hardware. It's minimum requirements are 1 ghz and 128 megs of memory, while dsl works on as low as 33mhz and 16 megs. Besides, it uses Gnome and is Gentoo based, yuk :glare:
  3. LAME Ain't an Mp3 Encoder
  5. So, 12~14, sometimes more for added domain privacy. And no semi-real hosting for it, maybe just a stay tune page. Compared to 10 for 2, domain privacy and hosting for the YEAR, not 10 per month. 10 for 356 days of hosting.
  6. for the money, its great. The domains alone cost 10 bucks. Plus extra storage space for other sites and such.
  7. It's like Sulu/George Takai on Heros with the NCC-1701 license plate.
  8. Applescript just lets you script actions in iTunes, or finder, or as a wrapper for terminal scripts, to automate certain things. It is not how the itunes and ipods communicate.
  9. Back in windows ME, you could create custome folders, with your choice of background, font color, and font box color. Thats where it would store the info.
  10. My conspiracy theory..... China has hackers target the dns servers so after it goes down, they can present the UN with enough proof that having the servers under US control is a risk to their national security yada yada.....
  11. At first I thought that read Linksys SOHO Server Series lol. And I'll save any comments/reservations till the end of the series
  12. How bout a small distro running inside of QEMU? Like DSL embedded. Virtualized linux session.
  13. I like to give this serial to a friend that uses windows, since he dosen't have a legal one. my question is will this serial work? I have never used the OS or the serial for that matter. Dose it have to be a sony copy or will it work with any copy of XP pro? At best it will work with any oem copy. At worst sony oem xp.
  14. Unless he has a combo modem/router (Like I do with Verizon DSL), how would changing his routers mac address help in the slightest? When I had comcast, it took a day minimum for a new ip. DSL because of PPOEP I believe acts just like a dialup modem, but over Ethernet (Hence Point to Point over Ethernet Protocol) so even a 2 second disconnect results in a new ip for me.
  15. Burn is OSS cd burning for OSX. Choose burn an image. Toast should have the same option under other instead of file or music sections.
  16. Along with *, which allows any number of characters, ? is the single character wildcard. Perfect when you have a folder with files named Pic1.jpg to Pic100.jpg but only want to change Pic20-29.jpg. So instead of Pic*.jpg which will affect all 100, use Pic2?.jpg
  17. This depends on how the shell is set up. On OS X, normally, in your example, tab will complete f to folder, then beep. A second tab press will list all possible options similar to how ls lists files. Changing an option in your rc file can change it to cycle mode. Now if there was an easy way to switch thru both modes...
  18. I believe you have to specify the connection, otherwise it uses the first one. For linux thats normally eth0, with wireless wlan0. BSD/OS X en0 for wired, en1 for secondary, normally wireless. Windows... I dont know.
  19. In your case, lingo = cash to pay for the information. In normal cases, lying and using "code words" that you shouldnt use is social engineering, if not fraud.
  20. I second streamripper for shoutcast streams. Pair it up with crontab and you have automatic recordings for when the show is live online. If you are using dsl, I compiled and mydsl'd a version on the mydsl archieve.
  21. On my 1.7/512 connection from Verizon DSL my modem reports: Speed (Down/Up): 1792 Kbits/sec by 448 Kbits/sec Speedtest:
  22. fuck all that other shit just use vlc player. Seconded
  23. 10 bucks gets you a year of hosting and 2 domains at
  24. You should take your own advice about not being a dick. As far as I know, and I'm sure almost everybody will agree, cpu type is apart of hardware. And second, as far as you know about Mac Os X, you know very little. OS X Does use Administrator and Limited to describe exactly that. Root is only mentioned on the bsd/terminal side, especially since an Administrator account on OS X is just a tiny step below root. The limited accounts have no sudo permissions which is pretty much like Windows Limited accounts.