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  1. Couldn't agree more.... I see that Chaostic mentioned a better signal reception, but is there anything else that would make me want to spend my hard -earned cash on one of these things or is this just something I can ignore? Depends on what you need from your wifi. If you are in your house, twenty feet from your wifi ap, or in a starbucks/airport where you can move closer to the ap if needed, then no, you don't need it. Now, if your wifi card craps out and a usb stick is cheaper than a mini-pci card, or the mini-pci slot fries and its cheaper then a mb repair, then yes. Or you spend your time war driving and need a card that can do passive promiscuous mode, or you leech of your neighbor's wifi and have to site in one tiny corner of the attic at a weird angle to get the signal (sometimes), then yes. If you don't already think you need it, then you don't.
  2. You would be much better off trying to find the CUPS or LP forums and asking there. But, port 9100? Is it capable of being set up as a IP printer like most net enabled printers? Or can you access it's webserver and just submit pdfs or what not like that? Sure, its not ideal, but setting up a PS or PDF printer on your linux box and then dropping the pdf to the printer's http server (or ftp server) can get you running for now. Apparently, Lexmark does not use regular standards, or support Linux at all. If you have a Mac or OSX box, there are mac drivers for it, and OSX uses CUPS just like linux. That should help guide you towards a quicker result than trying to work from Windows drivers.
  3. What helps is that some stuff is standard. Serial ports have the standard V+, RX, TX, Gnd, as minimum. So does USB, etc. Consoles being on serial ports happen on most devices. Just looking at device pcbs and you can figure out what might be what, and what does what from reading around. Look for IC's and then type in the part numbers into Google to see what you get.
  4. Making cantenna's or otherwise reaching distant wifi aps (With dish reflectors) so you dont have to move your laptop around trying to find a sweet spot.
  5. The .Ds_Store is a proprietary binary file format that has been around since atleast system 7. Apple has not disclosed the format, and noone has created a tool that directly mods or reads it. IT mostly stores the gui info about a folders content and screen location and options. Interesting, the .DS file in a folder refers to that folders contents, but not that folder itself. The .DS store in the parent folder holds that folders info. ie: /User/Apple/.DS_store holds the GUI display boundaries of /User/Apple/Music /User/Apple/Pictures etc. While the GUI Display boundaries of /User/Apple is stored in /User/.DS_Store Also, none of the changes are written to the .ds file until shutdown or safe unmounting of the drive that contains it.
  6. Oh, btw, Javascript has nothing to do with Java. It is more like python, or basic, or applescript.
  7. DSL 3.4.x branch (I don't like the new DSL branch. Still need to try out TinyCoreLinux, which started out as DSLcore). And OSX.4.11. 23
  8. Then you can either glue (Or use like sticky tape stuff) around the speaker like they do in so many electronics to seal the speaker into the speaker hole. Or Use speaker filter cloth.
  9. Because some won't let you print them out, convert them, or even OCR them. Like school pdfs or 2600 scans :/
  10. Not really spam, but a heads up on a new tool. It's a brute force PDF cracker. You have to provide a dictionary list. Be nice if it was free....
  11. Just insert a thick steel plate between the hd and the speaker. Works for containing the magnetic field of the HD's magnet.
  12. The flash board is most likely a special order version of most ide-flash boards. 36 pins sounds like they reduced some unneeded pins, like for a second channel ata device. You say you have a 12v power supply for it? How many Amps? Some of these thinclients can take up to 5 amps (The Neowares I have ask for 5a, use 3.5a). Can you look at the power supply for a working one at school? It really does sound like you are underpowering it. Same thing happened when I tried to run a 1.5a HP thinclient on 1amp powersupply, and the 3.5a neoware one on 2amp. (A cheap source for 12v power supplies is gamecube/wii adaptors. 12v 4A+) As for the 14 pin connector, it might be for jtag, but I've never seen any thinclient that has it brought out to a header. The freewyse people might know more.
  13. They gave consent for a recording. State law does not require consent be given for every recording taking place at the same time. Its like if you record a telephone call with a service rep of a company that tells you the call might be recorded. They gave consent for their own recording, which means they gave consent for all recordings of the same conversation.
  14. And will anyone post the old hack on here? My google-fu is oh so weak.
  15. See this is what happens when your source is /b/
  16. DSL 3.3 uses fluxbox by default, and jwm as a secondary optional wm (But imho, it should be a dsl package, not included >_>) It also uses torsmo, which is nolonger active. Conky replaces it. The enlightment r17 looks pretty damn cool too.
  17. I can get a usb video card for 20 bucks. Cause they suck. Usb does not have the bandwidth for good, or even half decent video.
  18. It seems you reached the router's internal loopback.
  19. What store and what country?
  20. Verizon resorts to using traffic log analyzers to detect servers. But traffic on port 80 is blocked due to, 1) http servers, and more importantly 2) the "Code Red" virus that hit them a while ago.
  21. LAME is an MPEG Audio Layer III (MP3) encoder licensed under the LGPL. ehm, on their site they claim to be a mp3 encoder.
  22. Verizon FiOS and DSL port 80 is blocked at Verizon's routers. You'll need to host it on a different port.
  23. Download and install the OS X native version of gimp >_>
  24. QFTMFT P.S. use ctorrent to create torrrent files for you (i am lame and ctorrent is easy), THEN fall in love with the ncurses based interface of rtorrent and tunnel your screen sessions from here to kingdom come. QFGJ (Quoted for Great Justice) Easiest way of managing torrent downloads remotely (SSHd, screen/dtach, and rtorrent on main comp, ssh/putty on the other). And something I don't think screen allows, dtach (because it uses unix file sockets) allows me a sort of dual control session because both the main computer and the remote computer can access the unix socket at the same time. It's like vnc but for command line sessions
  25. This is the same kind of problem I have encountered in the past. I have run PC-BSD & OpenBSD on desktops in the past and really like the BSD *nix system compared to linux...But I'm fully mobile now, my wifes ibook running OS X & OpenBSD, and my Toshiba....I really want the power I saw on those desktops on my Toshiba So she's running OpenBSD and OpenBSD netbsd looks interesting too, especially for my old Gateway Solo 1150. Dual boot it with Damn Small Linux