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  1. Unimportant targets are for three reason. 1) as government sites, they are sending a message. 2) as unimportant sites, they have minimal protection and tracing already in place. 3) as unimportant government sites, it provides a nice baseline for what is the minimum resources put in place for government sites. @ Phall, non-standard DDOS? Like the whole apache too many sessions thing that was recently disclosed?
  2. .........what? Basically, the launch os of Android (Not Cupcake) had a missed typed redirect in the code, where anything typed on the G1 would be echoed to a bash session's stdin. So typing reboot would reboot, typing ls would list the current directory, typing sshd would start a sshd session, all with root privileges. It was an (very stupid) exploit that allowed full access to the linux underpinnings of Android on the G1, even allowing people to install a full version of Debian.
  3. Then the duped person should lead the police to the thief. The laptop belongs to OP. Alternatively, it is very unlikely that the duped person will be charged with buying stolen property, as the private resale of laptops is not illegal, and the person most likely had no reason to believe it was stolen (I mean, it most likely was not sold out the back of a trunk in some back alley, no, more likely craigslist or flyer.) As for information storage, I believe current US law requires 3 (or 5) years of billing and ip-assignment logs be stored. The IP address any given person has for the last 3 years should be stored in their ISP records.
  4. Ha. I read that same article in Hackin9 magazine recently. Was going to suggest the same thing. But changing a few strings in a compiled executable shouldn't help much (Hell, it shouldn't have triggered more hits). It's not like the scanners are looking for 100% match.
  5. Depending on the overclock, one of the bridges or devices responsible for the keyboard controller clock (PS2, not USB) could be out of wack. Undo the overclock and try to see if it works.
  6. Eh... then simply don't buy a U3 smart drive, it will cost you less Gifts, or found drives don't give you that option. And I have often seen the U3 drives as cheaper then the regular ones (More often on sale). Plus, some brands and styles do not have non-U3 versions, like the SansDisk Titanium style drives.
  7. The best u3 hack is erasing the damn thing.
  8. Sorry. My stint as Captain Obvious was only a seasonal job.
  9. First, Gallop poll gets around any sequential automatic dialing laws because, like most laws, it requires intent to do something illegal (Murder vs. Manslaughter). Second, just because you are not prosecuted or caught does not mean it is illegal. It can be on the books, and ignored until you piss someone off. Look at jaywalking, or more directly connected to this, the recent AG investigations into autodialing car warranty telemarketing, because they pissed off two senators.
  10. Programming what? Regular windows programs? Any laptop will do. Even a netbook if you don't mind the small screen.
  11. Also, the sky is blue. /snark Anyway, did you use a land line or cell phone? Because each telco has their own 411. Even the free 411s like google411 and 800free411 can track calls by number. Google even lets you set options.
  12. true thats why i suggested corn moonshine its easy to make/get and is fairly close to pure alcohol, and is pretty much free compared to the 190 proof everclear which is fairly illegal. its also probably not that hard to make alcohol with chemistry instead of distilling bio's and water. Except of course, that everclear is not illegal. its illegal in over 13 states. and i doubt ever clear is pure, im sure the ingredients label isn't water-corn. Oh. Well. That sucks for them. As for the ingredients, for the 95% version, there isn't much that can be added to that 1% that isn't water. And apparently, there is a 151 proof version of everclear. WTF.
  13. Look for thinclients with ARM processors on ebay. Should get them cheap. I got a bunch of thinclients (x86 compatible though) for ~10~15 each. 900mhz~1.2ghz.
  14. true thats why i suggested corn moonshine its easy to make/get and is fairly close to pure alcohol, and is pretty much free compared to the 190 proof everclear which is fairly illegal. its also probably not that hard to make alcohol with chemistry instead of distilling bio's and water. Except of course, that everclear is not illegal.
  15. AIM or anything that uses the AIM protocol: +1aaannnxxxx So for 212555head start an im conversation with +12125554323
  16. Um, yes you can. He means you can't teach someone how to drive stick, using a car that has a automatic transmission. You can tell them what they should do, but without the clutch and gear shift to allow them to try... You can't teach someone how to read greek using english books.
  17. 2.4ghz cordless phones. Or a microwave. Stuff that jams the wifi spectrum are plenty and widely available.
  18. A spoofed mac on a public network is considered alot of effort? Geez, its one command, and a short walk or car drive that also involves going outside... Easiest way to pirate is copy your friends stuff.
  19. Chance of RF radiation = 100%. Unless you break the damn thing. Radio Waves = Radiation.
  20. Only difference now is Operating System (and the industry standard software for video editing is better supported on OSX), and better quality parts and support vs the base lineup for any pc vendor. If she wanted to play games, she could have dual booted a mac with windows.
  21. If you are talking about trying to get free satellite television you are in the wrong forums. Other wise what are you trying to do? Well, there is such thing as Free to Air Satellite TV. He's just trying to get paid satellite tv for free, illegally. Big difference.
  22. FreeNas (Free BSD based, not linux based) would work for you. You can load it from a cd, or a flash drive, and use the 4 ide channels for drives instead if you want. Especially if all you want is a NAS (Network access storage). If you want it to do more, like bittorrenting, then idk.
  23. Except that the highest (Non-Codine) prescription level ibuprofen is 800mg per tablet, not 200mg, so max 4 per 24 hours, not 16. You might not want to call that pharmacist anymore. 200 is the over the counter packaging, which also warns not to take more than 4 per 24 hours. And ibuprofen is a NSAID which can lead to ulcers if over taken (which is why there is prescription-required levels of it). Have fun with your internal bleeding.
  24. They can be both. I've seen ones that can be used as a regular sewing machine and as a pattern sewer. See if you can find a card on discount or clearance, or broken, and pop it open and see what controller and chips it has. Could be as simple as an i2c eeprom (Look at the Self Cleaning Cat poop stations that did the same)
  25. Yea, but the a90 costs half of the 901. $199 directly from Dell. And they both can come with linux, and both have normal looking touchpads (I HATE those buttons on the side ones. So crappy)