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  1. Wow, this looks great. I just found some new pc's (both compaq presarios, one with Amd duron @ 700 and another Pentium Celeron @ 1.2) and I been meaning to try some new distros. I normally run DamnSmallLinux, and this looks great to try out. Thanks.
  2. Actually in some other countries they reverse their commas and periods so numbers look like this: 1.000.000,45 = 1,000,000.45 Dr. Math agrees ← And in some others, they only use periods.,000,000.23
  3. Well, you could.... Just buy a Mac!
  4. I've always been partial to .sit's Well, as long as they stay off my face and back...
  5. There's another app like it, called Snapz/ Snapz Pro by Ambrosia Software, one of the greatest small trailware mac companies, which are now making some pc software and game.
  6. Actually, Apple advertises this ability. They much rather you be in the store then somewhere else.
  7. I just found out about this board (thanks to dumpster diving threads), and a little after that I learn about the folgers calling card thing. Just 3 months too late. And anyway, I just need a way to send a fax, yet I'm poor, and don't have long distance phone access, and only phreaking I can do is beige box... haha. So, I know some of ya have like thousands of numbers for the cards. I just need one or two so that I can send a fax or two. So, how bout it.
  8. Thanks, this is much simpler. And at 12 cents a pig, I can start my own farm and start mass exporting ham to spain... Now, a ethical question. Should I use my bouce option for my site ( [which is free hosting and domain reg for students at to get unlimited free faxes? Probably not Thanks anyway! Edit: Safari can't use the web option, or the software, but fax by email rocks.
  9. Why not just turn off usb or network drive boot in the boot order? Just leave the boot order as floppy, cd-rom, hd for now. You can always turn it back on when needed.
  10. Ha! Anyway, enjoy lvl 10. It's quite annoying. And tell me when you pass lvl 14.
  11. Anyone have a username and password so that I can read the whole article? Or better yet, have a copy of the article to share? Edit: Okay, got the article from stacksmasher. Yea, he got screwed, but that's his fault. He knew that it wasn't his job, and that it was illegal anyway.
  12. Worst of all they have other software as well, including for Mac. If anything, I would email them saying you intend to file a lawsuit for breaking and entering or trespassing and even identity theft, or atleast intent to induce identity theft. At the very least, they are offering a program that can be considered illegal, just like recording a telephone conversation without the other person's knowledge. Very scary program to say the least, since it not only logs the keystrokes, but also takes a screenshot every x seconds.
  13. Caffeine's a drug... And you can become addicted, and have really bad withdrawl just like any other drug. Yet its legal. And the drug of choice for us "hackers"...
  14. And that's probably why they did it
  15. I was just in one today, trying to use terminal to access my website. Turns out they rather not let any old random person have access to terminal. It is inside /Applications/Utilities/Terminal.sitx So unless you have the password... And I doubt the Apple Store would use their store number, but its worth a shot. That, or have a sitx password cracker on a usb thumbdrive.
  16. For some linuxes, the control panel is where you turn on the ssh server. DamnSmallLinux has a push button for it. Now, for ssh with MacOs 9.2, you need extra software for ssh. As for the system cd, do you know anyone with an old mac? If not, the other option is google. The only thing for this though is you need a cd burner, connected to the mac. The last option is find a cheap hd to install and copy the hd from one to the other. I'm sure you can find on cheap new, or maybe even free used if you don't need more then 10 gigs. You only need to copy the system, utilities, and applications folder. The documents you can just send over ftp to another box. Now, the only reason I suggested the boot cd is cause its hard to make a disk image of the hd if you 1) don't have more empty space then used space (Atleast 1.5 times more) and 2) cause you are writing and reading from the same partition that you are running the OS from. You can try using disk copy to make an image anyway and see if it can (It might, but I'm basing all this from memory since I moved to 10.3). If it does, then the boot cd isn't neccesary, it just makes everything a whole lot simpler.
  17. Pre-n cards are cards that access 11b & g aps like normal, but have inculded features based of the preliminary 802.11n standard for 104mbs connections. Since it is preliminary standards, not finalized or anything, these cards might not work without a firmware upgrade if the 11n aps change in how they connect at n speeds. Then again, this is an educated bullshit, since it is very plausible.
  18. Yea, this is just a way to fool the people who don't have an eye for detail. If you look at the source code page, you can see the scroll bar allows you to scroll down. I got fooled by this for a second on the star trek hackits wargame thing, which is basicly a how-to-get-around-javascript-tutorial.
  19. Turn on sharing on your linux box so that you can ftp or ssh into it. Then connect a ethernet cable to the mac and linux box (Doesn't need to be crossover, but its better if it is). Boot the mac off of the system cd, and then make a copy of the hd using disk copy. Then mount the linux box and drag and drop to the linux share. Then save the copy somewhere. Thats all you need to do. You don't need anything other then what it already has.
  20. Well, it makes a great way of getting files from one computer to another when they excede your thumb drive or cd-r or even dvd-r limits. Personally, I use one when I need to get new linux iso's off non-burner computers. Now the cool thing would be if you have one that runs completely off the usb or firewire power. I know the apple store genius bar geniuses use some firewire drives (lacie i think)that run off the firewire power that they use to help diagnose computer problems from a known to be working source. Now if you have one of those, you can do anything you need without carrying too much bulk (the ones they use are no bigger then your average cd case, even thinner. Just barely bigger then the 2.5 laptop hd inside of the case.)
  21. Okay, found a card with full time on it (30) after finding a couple of 1 minuters. I have tried using it to send a fax, thru my laptop (which has no manual start button). I think one of the tries went thru, but I can't be sure, cause the other times it did not work. Has anyone else had any luck with faxes? Did you manually go thru the prompts up to the "dial area code and number" then press start, or did you make it all automatic?
  22. I was thinking of using one of those codes, but theres a problem.... What's the phone number to dial to be able to use the codes??? haha I can't dial anywhere without that phone first. All I got to figure out after that is the pause length. If you don;t want to post in the thread, please pm it.