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  1. try the cell phone recycle bin at best buy. i've seen some in there. i had one with 360 communications about 7 years ago. at the time i thought it was as slick as shit, being as small as it was. it was definitely smaller than my previous motorola teletac. ← And bestbuy drones dont give you shit for that?
  2. I can just imagine people starting to mod cellphones with this feature with a mini slide switch to turn off the speaker when it sounds an alarm. Then Radioshack will go out of business for inducing copyright violations.
  3. The people are asking, the govs are demanding...
  4. i had a friend that did that a couple of years ago. it seems like a good way to learn without enrolling in the school. i think the mit part is great! hopefully more schools start this! :teeth: ← I think Rutgers only charges like 25 bucks a credit for this, but that's only really needed for small classes. Lectures are so huge anyone can go in and learn no problem. I think I might do this just cause I will have free time till my other college starts, and I like looking at smart hot chicks
  5. MIT's stuff might be a bit of fun, but old news for me. Now this free law info stuff, got a link? Or to any other school that does the same?
  6. For the sake of logic and arguement, they might not be in an area where that would be illegal.
  7. Hey, I like neopets, just not idiots like the op... No need to insult the rest of us.
  8. well then it wouldnt be real-time, now would it? ← Well, from a business pov, renting would be a shitload cheaper then buying, maintaining, fixing, etc. Not to mention replacement price after the satellite eventually crashes when the fuel gets used up. And from that same pov, realtime is a bit pointless, seeing how like only 5~10 people might be able to use it at any time, especially with some people commandeering the api to keep a connection for evar!, and fuel costs from having people send the sat to and fro. Economically, just renting a satellite every 2 years to update maps is the best course of action, since sat tech upgrades would make using the same crap sat every time (if they bought one) very inefficient. Renting every other year means they would have their pick of the best imaging hardware, making them able to get into people's windows and such.
  9. Don't forget NeXT
  10. I have had a few incidents with LED and to high of voltage the super glow then alot of time the D (of LED) will just burn out and not emit light and thats it. I did get one that "blow up" nothing that fun. sorry if i let you down but, hey mabe there are some types that blowup?! ← Only the types used to light up a fireworks display
  11. The most creepy part of this is how you can see someone's house so well that you can recognize it irl.... And Google doesnt need to buy a satellite. They just need to rent one for a week or how ever long it would need to map the earth, and the water as well.
  12. 6200 mfd? 6200 mega fards? or micro? cause you might be able to turn it into a single cap spot welder. And to charge it just add power. If you add a 9v, it will charge at x fards @ 9vdc. It accepts upto 40 safely, 50 max.
  13. You can also go the hackaday route and potato cannon it (air, not combustion) And I think I'm going to turn an old Macintosh Performa 550 (My First Computer <3 ) into a Macquarium now that ya reminded me.
  14. Which of the sites and service did you use to find out about the parking ticket? And did you have to pay?
  15. Huh, DA's have the power of discretion in choosing whether to prosecute or not. Just like cops have the power of discretion in whether to arrest someone or not. Think speeding tickets and warnings.
  16. ... ... BWAHAHAAHA Windows runs more slowly on windows man.... --- Pointless Post of the Day
  17. Open it up, desolder all the ee type goodies inside. My fav is getting the pots from inside. Make great cmoy audio pots (if I ever get around to building one)
  18. Wait, so you called the first time, had the order processed, hanged up, called again, complained, called a third time, and convinced someone to send you a new one free? Or was the second and third call the same call? And any chance of getting a script of what you said?
  19. Prosecutor: "Mr. Smasher, you did 3-1-3-3-7 computer research for years with this encryption system, is that right?" You: "Yes" Prosecutor: "And suddenly, when subpeonaed (sp? CBA), you can't remember the password?" You: "Errr... Yes" Prosecutor: "Right" Boom, you get either A. Obstruction of Justice, B. Conempt of court (in which they can hold you until you produce the password), or, if you miraculously dodge both of these, and they EVER find you using said archive again, you are going to jail for a LONG time for perjury. Plus, you're assuming your encryption is unbreakable. ← Since you "forgetting" the password is something only you can know weather (SP?) it is really true or not, you cannot be found guilty of perjury, since there is no proof. You could have found the password, or remembered, or tried a bunch of old passwords for the hell of it. Besides, a good lawyer can get you out of contemp of court or obstruction of justice under the 5th, since using encryption in the process of a crime is a crime in itself, and you can not be forced to incriminate yourself, legally. Just go with the true and tried method of STFU and only talk to a lawyer. Ohh, and it wouldn't/shouldn't be considered Arson since you are burning your own private property.
  20. Just wondering, but how much space does the 48kbs files take? Hell, a 4 minute 96/kbps song only takes like 1.2megs on my computer.
  21. While Alkali is right, and that would probably be easier, cheaper and quicker, the other method would allow a compact size and be redundent in that it would only run that program and not need to be turned on, boot, open the program etc. There was something like these on hack-a-day or but I cannot find it. Someone made a hand molded key input computer, where a key press would do x function or what not. ← chaostic - can u help me design this project? ← Money wise, it could be cheap. If you go with a pic, you could get it free from microchip if your a student. Radioshack for the switches, protoboard, battery connectors, and box. The radioshack parts would be like 10 tops, but if you go with a 25 switch matrix or something, it will be more. The pic should have usb support. Eprom from microchip as well. The supporting parts, resistors, caps, crystals, and regulators should be bought from somewhere better then radioshack, like Fry's, digi-key, etc. Price varies depending on what is needed, but I do not expect it to be tooo much. Aside from that, I can not help. I do not know how to program pics, or build circuits. Anything I have done is from kits or just following other people's instructions. For more help, try finding a "wearable" computer website/forum. Google for wearable computer.
  22. You don't have to build any special device to do this, you can do it with an old laptop, or possibly with a really nice scientific calculator. Bust out your favorite programming language, and make a loop that waits for some keystroke to be entered. (You might use the F key for a Ford, C for a Chevy, A for American Motors (yay AMC!) etc.) Once a keystroke is entered, it is saved to a text file along with a time stamp. In perl it would be possible to do this in a few simple lines of code, should be pretty easy in many other languages as well. Maybe I'll make a program to do it later today if I have time. ← While Alkali is right, and that would probably be easier, cheaper and quicker, the other method would allow a compact size and be redundent in that it would only run that program and not need to be turned on, boot, open the program etc. There was something like these on hack-a-day or but I cannot find it. Someone made a hand molded key input computer, where a key press would do x function or what not.
  23. In that case, what you need to do is program a pic or amtel along with a pushbutton matrix, and include an eprom and usb capabilities to export the text file. Good luck on that if you have no experience.
  24. There are alot easier ways to do that without logging what is being typed. There are entire communities where they team up to type more then others, and a program logs how many keys pressed and how much time. You do not need to know in what order a key is press to find out how many times it is...
  25. I recommend DamnSmallLinux instead, cause it actually worked with my laptop (dell inspiron 4000) while whax did not. Comes with some tools, and has a repository with extra tools you might want while keeping the base 50 megs, so no extras you dont need/want. And its debian based, so the apt-get repository works as well.