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  1. For god sakes, and your soul, avoid telemarketing. I've done it and have felt like shit for it, and I was calling for the PBA. Go with a retail sales job. Cell phone stores work great, because not only do people come looking for you, you get a reward for every successful SE!!!
  2. Interesting. Who is your telephone company and what city are you located in? ← Ma Bell county, and the number is for Elizabeth, NJ. I haven't found any for my current nxx.
  3. CSS hasn't changed, and won't, atleast not if used on DVDs. Think how much money they would lose if people start discovering that their dvd player can't read new dvds. Much like how people are not buying the new non cdda redbook standard music cds. And impossible it is not. Improbable yes, not impossible. Especially since it is illegal (US) to crack it, probably hardware controlled, might be web connected, and the new hd/blueray drives won't be easy to copy from/burn to.
  4. Probably they will just restrict the user privileges, like not allowing them to read or go to c:\ or removing everything from the start menu and not showing save in IE or what not.
  5. I've seen these for like 150~200 dollars at asian market night at my Uni. Seriously, if you want one, just go with a cheap asian one. Same goes for mp3 players.
  6. First signs of an addictive and stalker personality...
  7. DSL You can boot toram, then rewrite the cd if you want to. You can also websave with it as well.
  8. Make sure the external is connected at boot. Then go to /mnt/ and see what is there (Or your distro's mount point which could be /mount /mp /wtf /fsck or what ever. You should know what it is) And from what I have seen, most usb drives mount using sd?* so sda or sda1 or sda2, or sdb sdb1 etc. Make sure you know which one is which. Personally, I wold hate wiping my scsi drive, or my extra ide drives, which mount on the sd? devices because they run offa pci controllers.
  9. I usually try to find out about the little sister... Most of my prefered shop watchers are older chicks. Hot, young (relativly) but never interested in me...
  10. My locals are all dead for 99xx. I manually went thru mine, but only found 1 valid number, 908-355-9969. Always ringing. I use it as a valid number for when i need something that requires a working number. As long as it doesnt get "this is not a valid number/disconnected" most people don't care.
  11. My local unlisted always ringing number doesn't show any information. 908-355-9969.
  12. You should, since the actual quote code is plaintext. You might not be able to go to the snapback link. -- I'm basing this on being able to see quotes of edited/removed text.
  13. It's been changed. Now its the Bloody Red Screen of Death. RSoD. HA
  14. But really, how many times a year does an area change drasticly? Once a year is more then enough to cover any new buildings. The only time it should update is once a year or on major disasters, like hurricanes, volcanos, earthquakes, etc.
  15. Noone likes radioshack. for some it's just a matter of pragmatism over principle. Its convienent, but not worth it. 99% of the people here would agree I hope.
  16. Why not run off two hds? And ntfs support is kinda like hfsplus support. I almost had to wipe my disk because writing to hfsplus in DSL sucked. Lost my hd backup (with some slightly important files) but when I plugged it into my Mac again, the file structure was repaired. Only ended up losing my hd backup image. Edit--- Just format and partion it into two. One for fat32 for linux and your windows files, and one ntfs for you windows system. 20/10 would be more then enough Im sure. That way you can write to fat32 from both, and not need to mess with the ntfs unless you really needed to from linux.
  17. Thanks for pointing that out, I didn't even notice that. But it doens't show a name for every number entered, but still, it's cool. ← And it doesn't always show Apartment number, especially if the number is normally put on a 2nd Address Line. Also wont work on cell phones. Shame. And Creepy...
  18. In that case, sign the letter as the concerned parent of a student currently enrolled in the teachers class.
  19. I think its going to be mr bird poops on a kids head.
  20. I much rather "find" a payphone handset and use that... :grr:
  21. Don't forget to include a copy of the hacker's manifesto.
  22. The picture on the left just gets to me in a disturbing way...
  23. Simply find a way of mass emailing everyone in the school, teacher and student alike, that people like that ignorant teacher are the reason why "hackers" "Destroy Destory Destroy!!!!" And add a small personal tidbit, like her gpa or whatever.
  24. That was hardly beaten and barely any horse. I think it was a flecked horsefly at best.
  25. And bestbuy drones dont give you shit for that? ← grow some sack, reach into the box, and get yourself a phone. tell them that you put it there by mistake. i think we beat this horse in a previous thread. :teeth: ← Just as soon as you link said thread please, i mean if thats okay with you sir...