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  1. Have them call the number, try to accurately find out if the thief calls, and call the cops and let them know that the thief called your number at so and so time, so that they can go and bug your cell company for the billing number? Just cause you don't see the caller id doesn't mean your cell phone company doesn't.
  2. The original telco has to lease out numbers and line access on demand (federal regulations require it), and the reseller gets it for cheap, and sells it for cheaper than the telco can/wants to.
  3. A DDoS is a hack like torture is brainwashing, or throwing a brick through a store window is an inside price fixing/lowering attempt.
  4. Also, faxes always try to renegotiate, whereas modems just try once... Highly depends on the modem device and settings. I remember back in the AOL days that it would try three times.
  5. I thought people had learned their lessons on security through obscurity by now. Linking to a months old thread, while referring to Tekio's comment in this thread that has no mention of ppc? O_o
  6. Why shouldn't you be able to flash the keyboard firmware? Keyboards are like any other peripheral that could use an update. Mice, external drives, bluetooth adaptors, wifi adaptors, mp3 players, even usb hubs. Any device could use extra features or bug fixes. The only stupid part would be the plain text updating, but considering the hacking and userbility aspects, allowing custom code could be a plus (Like I said, custom hardware macros on cheap standard keyboards instead of expensive gaming keyboards) . Look at how people enjoyed and made use of adding services to commercial NAS devices, like the Linksys Slug, which where eventually added to other commercial devices (Bittorrent, multi-OS sharing services, web access, shell access). Or even the older ipods and unencrypted firmware allowing the installation of linux on them. Encryption just limits what a regular use can do with them. Honestly, this isn't like regular security through obscurity. More like, "wait, you can hack keyboards? WTF would have even thought of that??"
  7. The ones that Apple made. Noone but you have mentioned Powerpcs. Not even the article linked. Powerpc laptops all used ADB keyboards, while the external keyboard in the link is a recent, post-Intel transition keyboard. And yes, PowerPCs are modern, like the PS3 Cell/G5 chip. ~ Personally, this hack could work both ways. By being able to change the firmware, you can create hardware based shortcuts and macros. Think WoW macros without detected software api hooking shortcut production. Change the keycode sent by a certain key to reflect a desired change. Press Alt three times rapidly and you can make diablo2 show the name of all dropped items without having to hold in alt. Change the Alt/Windows key to Command/Option key on a individual keyboard basis (haven't been able to find a program that allows that yet). Auto type a long string when pressing a certain combination, and being able to do this without wasting resources, and on any computer you move the keyboard to. Wonder if this works for the apple bluetooth keyboards.
  8. Easiest way to test is to setup a fax machine or fax modem and send a fax. if it was successful, it is a working fax machine, or a computer with fax software enabled.
  9. VOIP accounts are not like POTS Lines. VOIP uses voice codecs optimized for voice, so data connections suffer. Same reason faxing over VOIP was bad until they came out with fax/data specific codecs.
  10. Most camera pan/tilt x/y motors are simple dumb motors with two sets of wires that would go to the camera for control. If you have a way of controlling them for your antenna, it should work.
  11. Change default sshd port (If ssh is enabled by the pref-pane) The second thing, I haven't done, and it seems that would require a bunch of questionable scripts to work. Instead, you can use ssh keys instead of typing in a password. Only having a copy of the public key on your login computer will allow you to access the target computer. It all depends on how you expect to access your computer and from where. From work or laptop at school? Ssh keys are fine. A random, locked down computer? Not so much, Personally, I manually launch sshd from terminal with "sshd -p 666"
  12. What's netfirms like? Any good? What do you think of it in comparison to Dreamhost? Since my use amounts to file storage and really, just my own domain + email, can't complain. Netfirms and dreamhost should be on the same level. Edit: As a side note, I could never get scp or secureftp to work with netfirms. Ssh worked with a bit of lag in logging in. Dreamhost, worked in two minutes.
  13. I was using netfirms, a canadian host. 20 for 1 year hosting + two free domains. They gyped me on the second domain this year round (Used the promotion twice.) for the promotion. Just switched over to Dreamhost for 10 for 1 year hosting + 1 free domain. Also for the imap access to email. Code 777. Just using it as a basic site and file access.
  14. Phreaking is mostly a dead art. Most boxes are useless now, and only wardialing might be useful
  15. Think Secret dropped out of court because Apple paid the owner a handsome settlement. No suit was won. But Apple didn't lose either, and the court did not slap down their suit as frivolous and did not find that the press cannot publish trade secrets as news. That is more telling.
  16. TechCrunch is in this instance a representative of 'the press', who pretty much always push for publishing and always push for the right to publish. They really can't be prevented from publishing as the SCOTUS has upheld Freedom of the Press even when the sources are ill-gotten (New York Times v. US - That would be my interpretation of this case as it pertains to this one, but IANA-Constitutional-L.) But just look at WikiLeaks, just as they have the right to freedom of the press, so does TechCrunch. The moment we censor the press (or allow companies to do it), freedom doesn't exist any more. Trade Secret laws apparently top that, look at Apple vs ThinkSecret in Cali.
  17. For one, the extended page makes Safari 3.2.1 on OSX 10.4.11 (Final Safari 3 version to be released) crash. Might be something in the java section. Can't pinpoint it. Will be trying it on Safari 4 once I update.
  18. Thinking about this, depending on the size and strength of the led, if we where talking 5mm commercial led (or even a silver dollar sized matrix of them), this would be useless in the daytime. Solar IR would drown it out like the daytime sun drowns out flashlights. Even more so in snow/sand reflecting conditions (Places that can blind you from reflected sunlight without proper eye protection)
  19. He's getting unexpected syntax errors instead of the expected selected column is out of bounds error.
  20. From a quick test, I get this error: MySQL error: failed to run query 'SELECT * FROM products WHERE ID=5\'order by 1/* LIMIT 1': You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '\'order by 1/* LIMIT 1' at line 1 Honestly, looks like that site sanitizes the url input, from the WHERE ID=5\' where you can see the \ before the ' Another test using \\\''order by 1/* results in WHERE ID=5\\\'\'\'order by 2/* in the error. The site properly delimits certain characters to prevent this type of exploit. Also, don't use someone else's site without permission for this. Host your own site and sql table on your computer or a spare :/
  21. I support any hack that supports Telsa.
  22. As far as I recall, A full Bootcamp install does a full edit on the partition table, shrinking the main HFS+ partition and allowing you to change the now free space into a windows fat32 or ntfs partition, without needing to reinstall OSX. Hey OP, post the output of option P in fdisk. And double check which drive you are running fdisk on (sda1? sda2? sda*)
  23. It's like laser painting an airstrike bombing target. Or how low tech grenades really are. If it works, it works.
  24. is an eldritch blessing...

  25. Nice, neat site. Alot more info than most who-am-i ip sites. Especially like the mail blacklist information (My current dynamic-ip is blacklisted for being used as a trojan stmp spam source). How did you get the local vs. system time information. That part is a bit creepy. Is the system time sent in the browser headers?