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  1. PGP

    The application registering algorithm got cracked, not the encryption/decryption algorithm. Try decrypting a file without the private key and it will not work.
  2. The v-chip and trusted platform/drm are not the same thing. One is user controlled, the other is not. One is used to protect kids, the others are to protect profits.
  3. It looks like a freaking toy. And I hope they open source the hardware design, so we can make it for cheaper and with extra/less features.
  4. Isn't this the type of system used in Japan for the software/movie vending machines that either give you a new sd/cf/xd/etc cards or uses your old one? And this trusted platform thing is like paladin, but unless the files/software turn on drm, I doubt it will really bother anyone. And people would have to buy these new cards to be able to be locked out of uses.
  5. Of course its not system restore, thats windows. But It could be like it, and windoes restore does not need a bit by bit copy. It uses some sort of checksum/hash or something like it to keep file size down. Other then that, you offer no alternative.
  6. ← This is why the US Patent system is so fucked up. Best interest of artificial people and not the people.
  7. Spoofing ip address to get around being banned from a Direct Connect server in my school. Got like a week of no internet in my room. Leason learned: Spoof Mac as well as Ip addresses in my school. This was the year before they started linking macs to ips. Now you have to spoof MACs to get anything done, and you need to know a working MAC first (Not hard, just use netstat) They also used to add room info to the ips. Using dig would revel what room and building someone was in. Still works, but is no longer updated, so if someone changed rooms and building, you would still get last years info. Also could get the full anme by getting userinfo from the ssh server. That still works, even if most people have FirstinitialLastname usernames. JSmith etc. Funny thing, they gave bullshit reasons on why I was banned from the net first. Too many collisions or something like that. Then after the second time, they said its because of spoofing. I still had comp lab access.
  8. Wow. Just imagine it. Losing the internet cause some douche decides to dig and causes a gas main explosion...
  9. You were supposed to link offa me. And my link is Voldermort's link gets cut off.
  10. Sic. I'm next people :grr:
  11. From what I have found out, its either exactly like Windows System Restore, saving an image and some info in a hidden folder, or it does the exact same thing on another partion. Maybe it hijacks the system boot to be able to restore the image/erase any edits and then restores windows access to the original drive. I susspect the former.
  12. Good for you! I was wondering if anyone would notice that. To be fair, Voyager was a satellite of the planet Jupiter in 1979 and of Saturn in 1980, anthough now it has moved into intersteller space, and I don't think it's even a satellite of the Sun anymore. ← To be fair, it is now space trash... but if you look at it in a bigger scale, it is still a satellite of the massive black hole...
  13. Why not run linux embedded into windows then?
  14. Saw the commercial. This movie looks worse then Sega's House of the Dead the Movie. I mean, first person view? Not gonna spend my non bandwidth money on it.
  15. Look at sg? Damn right I do. Do I sub? No, but I know someone who doesn't mind paying for both of us... I <3 that girl.
  16. Interesting, choasitic. I Have been wondering. On some of those amazingly large porn sites. exp: They have biographies and blogs for each of the some 1000 odd members. In those blogs are are pictures saying something about not enough bandwidth or other bullshit. Fact is its nothing to do with my bandwidth I know I have 40ish free gigs and a premium cable connection. Any who that is just bad filtering then, ey? ← Those pics say YOUR TOO CHEAP TO BUY GREAT PORN.
  17. The quote part is because it is plain text, the other part is because of the forum software. I know other sites that use bad word filters replacing "fuck" with a shaq-fu image, yet in both search and in the reply previous posts list, the bad words are not filtered.
  18. Hehe yeah i was shocked it wasn't taken.. Searching shows it never was as well shocking.. but i certainly will not be letting that go.. unless i get some obscene offer ($$) from some crazy rich man lol ← Watch you get sued by the myspace people for trademark infrignment or something.
  19. id probalby guess radio shack? my roomate used to work there and he could sell deaf people ear plugs ← I used to work stock at a radioshack about three years ago, and I never saw them be yelled at for anything. They were all cell-phone vultures though. They never did try to push warrenties too hard.
  20. What type of laptop? And other then that, I think taking it apart to make sure nothing burned out by visual inspection would be the best bet. Try to find out if anyone else got any damaged equipment. And replace your surge protector. Make sure that you get a better one. Ohh, and run a harddrive block check.
  21. Sounds like ya are talking about Trusted Computing (Or was it Trusted Platform) and Paladin. I think that it fell thru, atleast for computers. That doesn't mean that the next generation of media and their respective players won't have restrictions in place, just that the system can do anything the device itself allows it to do. Paladin would mean that the system would not allow you to rip the cd even if the player allowed you.
  22. Just one question, what school is this? High School, College, Uni, etc? If anything, if it is a paid course, complain that you cannot do the required work and have everyone ask for their money back. That will hit them where it hurts. Of course it will piss the admin off when he gets in trouble, so use that as a last resort. Now if its high school, just complain to the principle, and your parents when/if you get a bad grade//mark because you were not able to do the work. Ohh, and what excuse did he give you when you got in trouble for reseting the computer?
  23. You work at some electronic store before haven't you? Apple maybe? And what I mean is that there is a big difference in trying to sell something to someone when 1) you know where that money is (or isn't) completely going, and 2) how the person is initiated to the sale. Telemarketers call up random people (well, the computer does that) and ask for money/try to sell an item. From personal experience, I telemarketed for a PBA local to the job, but had to take calls from other states. I also knew that only like 25 percent of the money ended up in the PBA's funds. Granted some call centers work different then others. My friend, who worked in the same one I did, ended up working in another, and it was so much better, but still, that one was related to the college. Retail sales, the person comes up to the store, looking for something, and in the case of warrenties, you know the person might get their money's worth.
  24. Heres my fstab if that is needed: Also, in Windows, the hd works all good but I looked at the hd and it thinks that the hd is ntfs. Did windows format it for ntfs or something automatically? Or is Windows just stupid and thinking that it is ntfs? ← Turn off the auto mounts and try to manually mount the drives next boot. See what that does.
  25. Well, didn't Bell Alantic turn into Verizon?