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  1. I'm thinking since the php file is rendered server side, anything connecting and trying to dl using a http protocol won't work. Maybe telnet or ftp. Or you can hack their server and turn off php.
  2. Verb, so what is it that you do for a living? Work for the FBI or something you say? Interesting... If not, you should. Maybe we'd get some shit done in this country with people like you in charge.
  3. If you ship USPS, go to the post office and ask for a shipping guide, which is like this 5 page fold out guide with the USPS shipping prices for EVERYTHING, including distance, weight, size restrictions, etc for all shipping classes, priority, ground, 3rdclass (Media mail, Library Mail, Mail for blind, etc). Also, try to find a mom & pops computer store, and ask for anti-static bags. They should give you a few for free. Always estimate shipping to the farthest part of the US from you. IF in Jersey, Cali. if in texas, NY, etc. That way you can cover anywhere withing the 48 states. Include tracking, always. Also add insurance if they ask, but offer it. Nothing worse then it not getting there and them bitching, with you endding up paying for it. This prevents scams as well.
  4. 1) Bitch. You pay for access, they cannot block it like that thebizz. 2)Lowtech, can you link any affected websites so I can see if I'm affected?
  5. I "acquired" some, which do you need? ← Well, the whole point is for me to be able to do it myself. I'm sure I can find some torrents if I wanted, but why deal with the hassle?
  6. ... ... Why not just get a Mac, since you know, it pretty much is like a Linux.
  7. It might be against a merchant agreement, but illegal? Are you nuts?! ← There are millions of cases where the buisness has the right to check for additional ID (suspicious looking, nervous, etc.. etc. list goes on), but a better word I should of used is: Its Against Mastercard Policy for the buisness to check for additional ID when the card is signed. This applies for all general purposes. Basically they are NOT supposed to ask you for ANYTHING additional if your card is signed clearly. The thing is pretty much every cashier/employee even the managers, at stores are conditioned to believing that they must check for ID. I had this incident approx a year back: me: Whats the total? her: $58.84 please me: hands my mastercard her: can i see your id please? me: Em, the card is signed and do you know that its against mastercard policy for you to ask for any id if its signed? (said it somewhat loud so ppl behind me heard) her: no sir, I will have to see your id me: Look, I know where this is going May I see your manager? (she calls up manager) me: (to the manager) Good morning sir, Are you the manager ? ok good so you must be familar with all the store policies right? him: Yes sir, is there a problem? me: Did you know that Its AGAINST mastercard policy for your buisness to ask for my ID if my card is signed? him: Sir, we have the right to ask you for your id.. me: pulled out my cellphone, dialed into mastercard customer service. then i put the manager guy on the phone and he had a conversation with the mastercard lady and they finally agreed. Pros: I won the argument, they felt like shit, people behind me learned something Cons: it took a good 45 mins to just buy some groceries, but hey you gotta do what you gotta do... ← Assholes like you make credit card fraud easier. Then again assholes like the store and Mastercard make it even easier. And assholes like me will fuck with those people according to your script now. Seriously though, wtf is wrong with Mastercard. I wonder if Visa or AMEX have the same problem.
  8. Speaking of which, anyone know how to set wget or the other one to download SuicideGirl sets? Yes, I have a sub account there, but manually dling the sets is too annoying.
  9. Didnt like Oregon or Vermont pass a anti-phishing law?
  10. Buy a human leg* *Does not include the knee. HAHAH
  11. But I can't tell you how many times I've told a girl I can get free calls from a payphone and immediatly get pulled into a bathroom stall for a blowjob. ← Im pretty sure with that type of girl, you could have said I can get free calls from a payphone if I put money in it and you would have had the same thing happen....
  12. You sir, are a tease. WTF share the details.
  13. Hmm, and here I thought US copyright law gave anything created an automatic copyright. Even if you don't register it or add the little © to it. Wait, I'm right.
  14. Wow, you really have it in for them. My question is, if it has only been two faxes that have been sent, why bother? If the fax has been sent multiple times thats a different situation. And why not just send them back a fax using black cardboard taped over so that it just cycles for a long time, sending page after page of black faxes BWHAHAHA.
  15. Easy, just hook up a relay in place of the vibrating motor. Just have the phone only vibrate on one specific number, and non-vibrate on the rest. No need for anything else, unless you expect someone to spoof the number somehow. And for all sense of pragmatism, just use blue tooth.
  16. YOu obviously miss the part where he said // and stripe snoop hasnt worked for me yet// Did you even read the whole post?
  17. Wow, here i thought this thread was about HUDs.
  19. Speaking of the rock, if anyone saw the BOBOBO-BO BO-BOBO premiere on Toonami (They, regardless of not being Adult Swim, still rock) BO-BOBO looks exactly like the rock... If of course the rock had a giant blond afro.
  20. Are you sure it was usb? Because I would assume that car relays would be powered offa 12v, why drop the voltage just for the relays and make a even more complicated electrical system then needed? Maybe it was parralel (or serial, i forget which ran offa 12v)? Or Firewire?
  21. Yea, because if that happened, the government wouldn't also make it illegal to use the other nets. Think China.
  22. Try going to a Mac hacking forum. If your friend was in the know he would know freaky's is the best place to look. If not use google.
  23. I have the original one you are looking for from radioshack. Basicly looks like a cell phone. Mine would still be working if it wasn't for the damaged swtich used to hang up, the broken ribbon cable from the keypad to the rest of the phone, and another missing piece.I could repair all but the switch, since its a bit smaller then the standard size for the same switch. I'll add pictures if you want. Now for the overstock one, its pretty much the same thing as the radioshack one, in size and color. The only difference is the lcd screen and being able to store numbers. For the same price its worth it. Don't know how much shipping is, or how easy it is to open. What I suggest doing is instead of opening the phone and replacing the cable to make a beige box with clips, simple take a small phone line coupler or spliter (The two to one kinds, as most of the 1-1 couplers have straight coppor connectors, and not wires between the two sections) open it up, and solder aligator clips (and wire) to one side, then tape it up. That way the phone still works on normal phone connections, where its easier to beige box at newer outside boxes. Seriously, though, the only difference between the radioshack one and the overstock one is the overstock has more features. The only thing you should mod on the inside would be a small switch to turn off the mic, so that you can listen in on conversations without being heard.
  24. Looks fishy to me. Wonder if they record the conversation or something.
  25. I stole a 37inch plasma tv. In my pocket. Almost got away with it but, my pockets ripped and it fell out.