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  1. Thanks ya. I think the best bet for the moment is to try the Bart PE setup. I never really need to recover a crashed drive (*knock knock*).
  2. Well, if it's a laptop, the easiest thing is to go and see if they will let you try them out.
  3. .... NO :grr: Fucking 5 and change for a 20 cent piece of plastic. Go support your local 99 cent store/s! (Speaking of which, I have retractable 3ft usb male A/male miniA, usb male A/Male B, and firewire male A/Male b (No male a to a ), Nintendo 64 rumble packs, centori cables, and cmyk ink refill kits (One color per refill), automatic cable stripper (like the infomercial one), all for 3.50 each plus shipping!) /rant
  4. Go look at the kismac supported devices. Ohh, and the airport extreme card will soon have passive mode in Kismac (Already in the beta version out, supposedly)
  5. No, cause its only fair. Not everyone wins this way either. If its A-B-Chaostic-D-E-whoever..., and E wins, only E and D get the prize. Now, if its A-B A-Chaostic A-D A-E A-Whoever, and anyone other then A wins, A gets the prize and noone else. This way anyone on this list should only have two chances to win from this list and not 20...
  6. Easierest beigebox. Homedepot has real ones.
  7. Basically, vga cables made with cat 5/5e/6 cable. Has anyone tried this? Also, can anyone post some info on how to turn this into a vga hd15 to bnc connector cable? My two main monitors have both a vga and a bnc connector. I would like to use both, but I dont have the money to buy bnc vga cables 10/20 feet long. Speaking if which, last halloween, I found 4 spools of ethernet cable. It was actually like 10~15 spools and boxes, but at the time, I didn't think of taking it all (Some guy was cleaning out his garage and threw them out. I asked if I could take and he said yea. I also got a blade server but gave that away) I got a decent ammount of cat 5e (three colors) and another decen amount of cat 6 cable. Any reason to why cat 5e and cat 6 is better to cat 5?
  8. Can you give me a radioshack part number for it, since I couldn't find it instore nor on the website. They also nolonger have the pin extractor for molex connecters. Damn ratshack. Or can you draw up a schematic replacing the 4017 with the rotory switch? I'm a bit inept at changing circuits like that.
  9. There ius a college version of myspace. It's called Facewhoring.... errr Facebook.
  10. Here's the one I'm going to build, as soon as I can get a freaking decade counter (4017). Enjoy.
  11. Or make one for even cheaper.
  12. What's hard about it?
  13. one thing i have thought about was using disposible email accts for this. my idea is you sign up with your acct and your credit card for said offer. then after the two weeks for that blockbuster trial you cancel it and then start over, make up an email acct, sign up with that email acct and your credit card again. continue till you have your ipod/laptop/flat screen monitor. does anyone think this might work? ← They verify any signups afterwards, so any multiple instances of the same credit card will most likey screw you over.
  14. So, isnt this the same thing as your average router with firewall features?
  15. Doesn't a pen reg only log every number dialed, not the actual voice of the calls?
  16. Maybe I should patent idiotcy, or just plain old bad ideas. I could make a fortune on some crappy companies misfortune...
  17. More modding then hacking, unless flashing new firmware is hacking.
  18. Close... No you can't make that specific patent becuase "the idea" already exists... However it brings up an intresting point, what stops me from patenting "Warp Drive" and when it's developed I can sue for someone using my idea? There must be some kind of criteria here... Anyone care to shed some more light? -Dr^ZigMan ← You can't be so vauge that it would cover everything. To patent "warp drive" you would need to offer some type of explination to how warp drive would work. And then you would need to fight whoever own's Gene Rodenberry/Star Trek copyrights.
  19. Total AssRapa G3? Wtf PWNZ!
  20. This is so similar to the whole npt vs rmi wireless email lawsuit in another thread... Fucking US patent system and gov for not properly funding and hiring for the USPO.
  21. Uh, why sell at less then what it's being traded at after pumping the price goes up? You lose profits like that.
  22. And it seems like it is already dead. Besides, it is not a hack. It's a scam taking advantage of a company offering a great service. 1~2 airtime minutes compared to 1.25 for t-mobile 411, and if they go down I know who to blame.
  23. Wouldn't all decimals be 10 by default? So 40 based? headache.
  24. Don't these things use a radial/coil antenna?
  25. If it can't run linux, it won't run unix. Linux is a type of unix, basicly. You could give me the laptop (Seriously, you could). As for the sattelite dishes, you can mod a wireless card to use the dish.