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  1. It does make for a healthy conversation hearing the story from a different angle as nyphonejacks did. I wonder if there is a way to get an answer to those issues that were just raised.
  2. Fluxbox here too
  3. Have you seen this video yet?
  4. Hey

    What's up?
  5. nyphonejacks, your opinion is valid and I respect that. What I want to add is that like in every other situation there are different views and concerns about how laws can be used and how frequently they are (mis)used or interpreted as we know in a "fair" justice system. One example, without getting into to much detail (can be researched and found online) is how Disney, after they copied and plagiarized different media, they managed to sue others that used their stuff and convinced the government to change the laws on how long before some work can move into public domain and bought a bunch of rights making it impossible for anyone to use it whether they created it or not. IP at it's best. Another example about IP and patents an copyright is in the medical field where an incredible amount of cures for hard know diseases are not only hidden from public, but also protected by law making it impossible to use, just in case some scientists finds them again. I have 2 videos on this forum just about that. A third example would be where when different people come out with video, audio and evidence about things the government keeps locked, that will and can be considered violation of IP and a website that is courageous enough to post that would be shutdown very easily. Those just some of the things that trigger that reaction of crying for censorship. Even though not directly mentioned in the law, all those things have a lot to do with the law. And I didn't even start talking about software or media and such. Please let me know how you feel about those things as I am always eager to listen, learn and look again at things once new information is available
  6. Thank You for sharing
  7. I also use VLC
  8. The Netflix account should still be working. At least mine is. I just have to try to login 2 times during the process, but it does work after that. Hulu Plus on the other hand is a totally different story.
  9. I've got peas on my head, but don't call me a pea head.