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  1. The Linux Questions Wiki is also pretty good... It's also got a good forum
  2. That is a cool avatar dude
  3. SDL is also verry nice - very easy to pick up, and has hooks built-in for openGL.
  4. Yeah, that was Joanna Lumley.... fecking creepy when she says 'You've Got Company" though
  5. Irongeek, what is the most limited system you got that running on though? The minimum requirements for PCs says 128megs of RAM. If you or anyone else here has run it on less, I'd definitely like to hear about it. I too am scoping cheap or free computers. ← Yeah, you're going to suffer trying to run Ubuntu on anything less than 128MB of RAM - especially with a new user. But you'll have the same problem with XP, so meh. Maybe one of the early RedHats (7 or 8?) or a Mandrake?
  6. But some of us consider it extra-noob friendly because it holds your hand just enough to teach you. I started using Linux with it in January and haven't looked back, and have learnt absolutely stupid amounts of stuff
  7. yeah seriously, if you can install linux, you can install windows... ← hehe you've obviously never run Ubuntu Windows' Linux propaganda is hilarious... stuff like Windows is actually cheaper to run (!!??!) and it is 100% more secure (?!?!?!!). I like how all the research is funded by the Microsoft Corporation
  8. I'm sure tiocsti and Strom Carlson would love to jump on that and tell you ear fulls about how AOL is horrid! ← They wouldn't dare I'm asking for it now ...
  9. I hate to point it out, but the problem with DocDroppers isn't the idea - it would easily cover all the bases you've outlined - but that no one is contributing much... I've posted a few articles, and I don't mind posting some quick definitions for the odd thing, but really if you have a problem with the lack of content, stop whining and start writing Edit: Oh, and linking from the forum through keywords would be really, really annoying and would drive me round the bend... if new guys who don't understand what's being discussed have a problem, they can search it up on DocDroppers. Linking from the forum is overkill and totally overestimates the amount of time our moderating team have for dashing around redesigning a forum that works perfectly well.
  10. I dont think they are poorly made. Just not portable, as in the case with DirectX. DirectX IS vastly superior to OpenGL because DirectX is part of the Direct3D package which does everything from keyboard input to sound. OpenGL is just graphics. While that was true not long ago, the Transgaming guys are doing a somewhat good job on Cedega. Me and a couple of buddies have been getting Windows games playing with performance comparable to Windows. ← ?! OpenGL is brilliant, it's graphics parts (ie. the whole thing) are totally portable. DirectX, on the other hand, is totally unportable - you can't put it on any non-Microsoft system. Plus, as someone who has done graphics programming with both, openGL is vastly quicker; stuff that would take 3 pages of code in DirectX can take a few lines in openGL. openGL has often suffered popularity problems due to the deliberate way in which Microsoft basically tried to destroy it, spreading misinformation about hwo efficient it was, and making sure that their support for it was significantly slower than for DirectX - openGL runs much faster on Linux because it's been carefully optimised. Microsoft want to make DirectX the only graphics API because they want to monopolise the PC gaming market. Oh yeah, and openGL is open source. *rant over* :mumble: Edit: Oh, and Direct3D is part of DirectX, not the other way around. DirectX has several different modules, each one dealing with sound, input, or video. Since DX 8, DirectDraw and Direct3D were put together, so that the DirectDraw, 2D component only exists in previous versions. However, DirectX is designed to be totally backwards compatible - any old function call or module can be used, so long as you find out what version it belongs to using a particular call, etc.. Anyway, it's all very complicated and another reason I dislike DirectX - it's a right pain in the ass for normal coders.
  11. Fluxbox rules:D I love the customisability of the desktop, its so easy with a few colour values. And it's so minimalist! I just love it, I can't use KDE becuase I find that just too much is going on.
  12. This book is great: Applied Cryptography Written for C though, and from the point of view of a programmer.
  13. Do you not have the option when it boots up to select the device to boot off of? That's what I get anyhow, it's escape on my BIOS.
  14. I love Slackware. It's just great, it taught me everything I know about Linux (well, most of it anyway), even if that isn't so much! It's just so easy to use for a novice, but so powerful once you get to know it. I'm not flaming Gentoo, but frankly, I have better things to do with my PC than compile so as to save a few cycles that I could probably save just by streamlining by distro. I'm sure some people do have the time/patience/need for Gentoo, but I sure as hell ain't one of them!
  15. Hehe, I have AOHell too, but my Linux PC isn't hooked up to the net, I've never got round to doing it. Actually, despite what c00l h4xors say about AOL, they are incredibly reliable - I haven't had a single hour of downtime for the couple of years I've been with them, and although their software does suck and is a pain in the ass, on Linux this isn't a problem, and you needn't actually connect using their client. Compared to my mates on ntl, I reckon I'm pretty well off, they're always having problems with their connection. Oh, and AOL upgraded me to T2 free of charge, from 512k. Edit: Oh, and just for the record, my Dad got the connection, not me