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  1. Still looking for this if anyone's seen anything.
  2. I'd like to host a VPN server from my mobile device so that my computer can access any network I have my phone connected to through a virtual network adapter. (Why anybody would like to do such a thing you can leave to your imagination, but you're probably wrong.) Does anybody know of any VPN SERVER software for Android or iOS? Again, I'm looking for the SERVER to be on my mobile device, not the client.
  3. Clicking can mean a stuck platter too.
  4. Nope, just heard from folks who've used it. Have you tried sticking the thing in a freezer? Zip it up in a freezer bag full of rice, stick it in the freezer, and try starting it up in the computer as soon as you take it out. Grinding usually means a stuck platter, so it's possible that'd fix it. I've also heard spinning it, so maybe tape it to a paper plate and spin that on the floor really fast (again, freezing it before doing that might help). If you stick it in the freezer, you must use a gallon freezer bag and rice or you risk letting condensation short the electronics (or damage the drive itself).
  5. Really, a power line filter should be enough to prevent them from seeing what you do. Just no guarantees there or anything 'cause I haven't exactly hooked up an oscilloscope to my power line.
  6. These guys do great work for cheap compared to the rest of 'em, but cheap compared to the rest of 'em isn't the same as cheap.
  7. Oh... Contest was in March. We might be a little late here.
  8. Try ReL1K's Artillery.
  9. Sounds like a solid social engineering task.
  10. Talk to a meter-reader and ask what the procedure is for checking a smart meter that doesn't transmit. The everymen reading the things got nothing to hide, they'll spill all.
  11. I'm not sure what you mean by putting a faraday cage on an appliance. A faraday cage just shields a device from EM radiation since the charge of a conductor exist only on the surface. While that's perfectly useful for blocking the communication capabilities of your Smart Meter it doesn't make a lot of sense to stick that on household appliances since the meter's reading your usage from the line, not an antenna. If you're worried about privacy, that little faraday cage they cooked up to cover the meter should do it. If they've got onboard storage you'll know when they disassemble the blocker to get the data. It's also about a hundred to a thousand times cheaper than the UPS solution depending on how carried away you get with that.
  12. It actually sounds really cool, I'm just teasing mostly. (You made it kinda easy.) But yeah, I wouldn't recommend that kinda server for anything too important.
  13. When the snack wrapper in your pocket blocks the signal and your server goes down. When you walk in the rain and your server gets wet. When you're comparing server sizes and you whip yours out. When your server starts paying $0.25/MB because its data plan ran out. When your server's goes down because the charger wasn't plugged in all the way. When your server can't handle any mail because its SDCard is full.
  14. He just wants to break free of gmail and all that, not start a blackmarket app store.
  15. UPS would just draw to recharge as soon as you use power. It's not going to mask anything. Plus lead-acid batteries are expensive and not exactly long-lived when constantly drained and recharged. Being able to tell what TV program you're watching isn't part of the smart metering, it's a perk to hacking it. The point is it needs better encryption in its present form, but nothing serious is compromised so it's not a pressing issue. The power company's really just interested in what's drawing the most power so they can sell that information to companies like GE and make a pretty penny. Paranoia on these forums is really a little extraordinary.