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  1. I'm assuming you're using Windows systems in which case you'd need to authorize the shutdown command by using an administrator login / password combo. In the example below the password and administrator should be filled with the credentials of any user in the admin group and "program name" is the dos command you want to run: echo (password) >RunAs /user:(administrator) "program name" Getting those administrator credentials is another matter but there is lots of information about that elsewhere.
  2. It might not even be a webcam. Some new(er) security systems are closed circuits using a dedicated ethernet network to connect several cameras to a PC running recording software. Because the cameras are using the ethernet port the PC is usually isolated from other networks and mostly secure from network attacks. A more expensive (and less common in my experience) system will integrate into a regular network and a client "listener" program that connects to a specific local IP that serves images from the cameras. This could be hacked if someone has access to the network, has the listener software and knows the administrator credentials.
  3. Greetings from a new guy! A little about me, I spent most of my adolescence playing with modems and learning about phone phreaking. Grew up a bit more, went to the Toronto Canada 2600 meet ups in the 90's, travelled to Beyond Hope and met some of my heroes like Cap'n Crunch. Since then my skills have gotten rusty, looking to learn some new things and increase my "situational awareness". Hoping to get involved here and not just lurk.