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  1. this is nuub hq leave me alone Someone will post besides you why dun you hack instead of threatening posters Duh U should look up wat a xanga is too iTs not lame u can take over the database in a matter of minutes --------- :jawa:
  2. Its hackable but not really hacking all u need is setup disk and a 6-mile range antenna made of a can and parts from your local radio shack( WARNING:high radiation) The antenna gets into peoples wireless connections(the ones without encryption codes{most of them}) and you can use internet for free. Some people go around in there cars with laptops and use this antenna to use the internet. For more info just post
  3. I need Help Hacking someones xanga Help I tried everything All the codes i know
  4. I cant believe that
  5. I Think you should post at general hacking This Quite complicated and quite easy
  6. Thats Easy You can do it on your own
  7. Yea Nice LOGOs
  8. Did you try the grow the fuck up command? ← Yea LOL Thats not a command IVE tried everything My head is about to explode
  9. :borg: OK. Eblaster is a program where you enter in someones e-mail address and it sends you every email they recieve. This is a great program but for it to work you need to figure out the persons eMail pwd. This program is being updated and soon will be able to monitor others computer activities from just Typing an IP address
  10. :cuss: I logged in and its shitty ronaldinho.bmp
  11. Someone Pissed me off How do i hack there xanga (xanga=blog) Ive Tried everything all the unix and java commands i know Please help