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  1. Hey stankdawg, we've never spoken I don't think but I used to go by samo on here. Wow, binrev has had such an amazing impact on my life and my love for telephones. I'm eternally grateful for the platform you've provided here and some of the people i've met through it.
  2. I can't say it in a simpler way - I know that a lot of phreaks talk about the tandem network and call routing etc., and I honestly have very little idea as to where I could start, just looking to see if anyone could point me in the right direction. I'm kind of expecting this to be more of somethign that I can't really research or read about, only something that I can learn through hands-on stuff, but even with that, I'm kinda lost. I feel like the phreaking community (HA!) could definitely use an article about the subject. I'm not really looking for theory - i understand the tandem network's function in the PSTN for the most part (ss7 protocol is somethign that I'm loosely versed in but don't even know if its relevant to phreaks), I'm just looking to understand how one can play with and learn about the tandem network as one does a normal switch. Also, I feel bad I missed the conference that was attempted a little while ago and I'd be down to try for one again. Honestly I wouldn't have much to talk about since I really haven't been doing much phreaking-wise lately but I'd contribute whatever I could. Hope all is well with everyone, happy phreaking. For the very few of you who I have actually spoken to before this is samo btw I just lost the password to my old account.
  3. Bummer that this forum has been so inundated with spam I found a macy's with phone jacks in the changing room and I'm considering a phone trip back. Their phones at least look ancient and haven't changed in my lifetime. So yeah, anybody happen to have any info? Hope you're all doing well. phreak the planet!
  4. what's up phellow phreakerz?!?!?!?!? just looking for music recommendations/discussion about electronic music that at least has a similar feel to the pstn. i always wondered what someone like aphex twin or dj shadow could do sampling the phone system. has anyone extensively sampled the pstn? i admittedly don't have any great leads on music that feels this way, but it's gotta be out there right? the closest i have found is maybe music has the right to children by boards of canada, kind of sorta yellow calx by aphex twin, maybe oneohtrixpointnever? this is all really vague and none of these songs really sound like anything you'd hear through your headset. if this just turns into a discussion on electronic music in general i'd be just as delighted. and now, for something completely unrelated - a phreaking-centric tabletop rpg campaign would is kind of a dream of mine. imagine the dm sets up some pbx or asterix box you would have to gain access to, and you could social engineer the npc's. you could dumpster dive and the dm would have some roughed up print outs to sift through. if i ever have money i'd pay an arm and a leg to have someone dm this - so look out for a post on this in a couple decades. hope all is well with everyone. i really miss the scene, not like i was ever all that active, but every day that passes i'm more aware that the pstn gets more and more sterile, and that time is running out on us. yr friend, samo
  5. She works in Chicago, and it will be installed in a place where most customers will be international temporary residents, if that changes anything, and beyond that, I don't know what they're looking for. Open to all suggestions, and thanks in advance!
  6. jesus christ, that old att testline search is still up and running? how fucking old is that thing now?
  7. Wow I am a terrible person for not even checking this thread since I last posted. Sorry guys. I'll try to check this more frequently and would be up for it next time.
  8. I am free mostly all the time from 12:00 to 5:00ish, but it would depend on the exact day. I guess we should post our time zone too, huh? I'm central time.
  9. i don't expect anyone to magically hop on but i'm actually on right now and i'll be on for a half hour
  10. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh a conference it's been so long. i'll definitely hop on occasionally. that 2600 "gate" is sick, although with my smartphone dead and gone i'll have to awkwardly use my laptop as a bluebox. maybe we should agree on a time for us binrevers(?) to all hop on? how about wednesday evening, 8:00 central time?
  11. Alright, so I recently acquired a 2008ish pc running XP that has no wifi capabilities at the time, and I am unable to run an ethernet cable to it for various reasons. however, I have a 2009ish macbook that does have wifi, and I was wondering if I could somehow use it as, essentially, a wifi-card/router/whatever by connecting an ethernet cable between the two computers. thanks in advance
  12. you have no idea how thankful I am for your response. seriously. thanks, systems_glitch!
  13. hey, considering what i've read about you from your blog and the pla zine, i would not at all be surprised if you had a tap on your line.
  14. did you put that tap on yourself or was that from ameritech/law enforcement?
  15. two lame ones: 309-227-9999; funny sounding SIT tones courtesy of Citizens Telecom Co/frotneir illinois 309-228-9999 took like 10 seconds after the last digit, and finally connected me to a tandem error message (068T, calling from chicago suburbs). maybe something funny is going on in the ss7 stream here
  16. I just asked the operator and she said I'd have to call the disability office to get a tag put on my line, which I then did. The lady I spoke to was gonna send some forms to my house for me to fill out which I'd imagine require me to provide some documentation proving my 'disability' so I just told her to not bother. :'(
  17. In all my years with an interest in phones I have only successfully op-diverted maybe ten times. As sad as this sounds that's not an exaggeration - but on the bright side two of those happened on a cruise I went on like seven years ago where I got to go though a ship-to-shore system that was pretty cool. I've never had my local operator put me through to a toll free number, even when I say i'm visually impaired (haven't tried any other medical issue), and it's the same things with PIC operators; they all claim they can't connect toll-free calls. I have ATT as my operator, if that helps.
  18. hey all, i'm currently trying to cover every square inch of the walls in my room with posters, and after looking though every result for phreaking under google images (with size:large specified) I've come here for some help . All I have so far is a blown up PLA logo and an old handscan that looks really pretty because it has a lot of doodles on it. ideally the images would be larger but I'll take anything I can get. Thanks in advance! and this is really a shot in the dark but the profile picture i had on my old username on here (samo) was fucking 1337, you can see it here, the guy's shirt reads "M.O.D." which i assume is a reference to the p/h group master's of deception. I lost the original image though, if by any chance anyone else has it that'd be sweet. I'll probably x-post (HA! REDDIT=SO KEWL) this to the pla forums too, so expect a link to that one too
  19. the number might have changed since it was posted but as of now this just gives me static. I'm insanely curious what an ISDN test number does though (sorry for all these double posts!) edit: what? there's crosstalk of... something?
  20. this is honestly the most metal phone number I have ever encountered. That joke is absolutely awful. wow. were I a stockholder I'd sell immediately.
  21. my old as dirt browser isn't letting me edit so here's a link to the cross post on the pla forums
  22. thoughtphreaker, you never ever have to apologize to me for sending me walls of text. I appreciate the hell out of them and they're always a ton of fun to read. a few quick questions - from my att landline I wasn't able to get to 950-1044 - I dunno what 950 is used for normally but on my switch it's a test exchange. any other way I could reach it? and is the sonus error message you're talking about heard on qwest's 10-10-757? (i don't think that's the right way to type that but too bad that's what i'm used to:)) I hear those all the time so it's really nice to know what it is. that's totally rad about att's 5e toll tandems putting toll free's through. I'll have to find if I can get a dialtone off of one from my area/having att as my LD provider (i assume i'd do this just by scanning att pic codes). Thanks again for the writeup
  23. I'm a student at pitt and have a few questions about their Centrex system that I've been poking around a bit with lately. Any documentation on such systems would be really great, I am really clueless about centrexes in general, I don't even know who made them, if they're like hosted off a switch or something, etc. The telephones in the dorms are avaya but i doubt that relates at all to the system itself; they could be any standard DTMF phone. All I know is that the centrex was installed in 1973 and it seems like very little has changed since then. When you pick up the phone, there's no big kerplunk of what I believe to be the battery drop on a 5ESS or anything, just dialtone, but you can tell its not a digital one. The system accepts no pulse dialing at all , although if you flash on the dialtone you do get a very pronounced battery drop (I might be using this term incorrectly), and the flash itself is kind of interesting. I drew a little diagramy thing to demonstrate this one thing that happens: normal dialone -> you hit flash -> get a burst of the same dialtone as before -> batt drop (or at least loud chk-CHK!) -> new dialtone If you hit a digit during the "get a burst of the same dialtone as before) segment, during the new dialtone phase, the centrex will have already responded to it (so if you hit zero during the "old burst", you won't even get a dialtone during the "new dialtone" phase, just a ring to the operator). I realize this is a pretty insignificant phenomena but hey, it's 2012, and you should be damn happy there's even a soul posting here. Hopefully this could help identify the system. Dialing plan. Here's where the most of my exploration has been so far. I haven't mapped the entire basic dialing plan, but it's 9 to get a dialtone that will lead you to the outside, 0 for operator, * and # codes are accepted and screwy, like everything on here. I haven't done all of * yet but I have poked around #, which is listed below. Keep in mind that this portion of the dialing plan I explored from a public university phone here, and the system most certainly does distinguish between dorm and public phones. Hopefully I'll look more into this later. #1 and #6 just give you dialtones, with their own screwy dialing plans as well. No idea. # 2 and #3 give you a slow, triple stutter of dialtone to silence (meaning this is not a stutter dialtone, just a pseudo-dialtoneish-ring). However, they just lead to a short silence, then a batt drop (?), then a long silence that you have to hang up on to get back to the normal dialtone. Everything else is a sirenish-tone (which serves as the system's equivalent to a busy/ro, which it gives you for screwy dials like ** or something, and the such), and there are a couple of reorders in the # portion of the dialing plan too. Any idea why they distinguish between these sirenish tones and a RO? I just called the operator and tried to blow her off with a 2600 tone, and there's a sliver of a chance it worked. She could have just hung up one me but it seemed like I got a really fast battery drop like a second after I played the tone. I don't want to test this again because it seems to be the same one lady who works as the operator and I'm ridiculously paranoid (more on that later) The 9- portion of the dialing plan is kind of interesting too, and once again, distinguishes between dorm and public phones. One cool trick I've found is that from the dorm phones 9-1-412-555-1212 just gets you a sirenish tone, but if you dial 9-412-555-1212-#, you actually get verizon directory assistance. Does verizon DA just look up, and not connect you to numbers always? I asked the operator there if she could read my number back to me and she said she "didn't have it," I have no idea what this implies. The 9- portion loves to give you stutter dialtones at weird instances, I have no idea if this is some antiquated calling card shit or what. Let me explain. From a public phone, any connecting to 412-555-1212 give you a stutter dialtone and returns a sirenish after 7 digits. Also, on dorm phones and public phones dialing any 800 number and a # at the end hits you up with a stutter dialtone, which makes me believe it's waiting for a PIN of sorts to continue. By far the most interesting thing I've found seems to be the system's test prefix in their dialing plan, which is the super secret, incredibly hard to find, 123- dialing plan. 123 hits you up with a non-stutter dialtone with its own plan of course. Dialing 1234567 here just gives you this peculiar silence with a decent amount of old sounding backround quiet rhythmic clickish white noise. and then there's 123-00# and 123-11#, which both give you a higher pitched sounding dialtone. I don't know if this is considered a "high tone" or not. These may be DTMF tests, but if so, I haven't found out how to work the thing. I'm famaliar with the chicagoland ringback/dtmf test which is pretty screwy in itself, but if this is indeed a dtmf test than this is way screwier. Dialing plan: 0 - a burst of silence, could be waiting for more digits if DTMF test 1,4,5,7,8,9 all give a single burst of higher-pitched (meaning higher than this subsystem's dialtone) tone the same silence as when you dial 123-1234567 from the starting dialtone 2 and 3 give a different flavor of silence, they have added on to them a louder sort of hum that seems to indicate more voltage is running through them. Possibly they're waiting for more digits but I havne't been able to find any. *#x (except for *#0) give you two bursts of a high pitched tone followed by silence. From here you can reset to the normal high pitched dialtone of this subsystem with # (which, in other places in this subsystem, always returns you to the high pitched dialtone). *#0 just waits for something more (FUCK YOU system, why are you so confusing???) Both different flavors of silence will respond no further no matter how many digits you put in, unless they're waiting for a specific code I haven't figured out yet. I've tried flashing all over this and nothing happens, it doesn't seem to be have ringback capabilities. The ANI outgoing calls on public phones give out is 412-383-6265, which is just "a nonworking number at the university of pittsburgh." Also dunno if I mentioned this but three way calling is supported. There's still a ton of poking around for me to do, but it so far has proved really interesting and I'm just so excited to find something as little as this in 2012. I would love to do some recording soon but I left my induction coil and recorder at home, but it'll be up by after spring break at the latest. If you actually read all this, sorry for the often shitty wording. The other issue I wanted to bring up with you guys is the possiblity of getting caught. If I got in even the slightest trouble with the university that my parents were notified I would be up shit creek in a second - It's fairly questionable that I should be in college in the first place with my past semester's grades and my parents would say this exact phrase in angry disbeleif: "YOU MEAN YOU'RE STILL DOING THAT PHONELOSERS STUFF?" (yes, my mom saw me on phonelosers once in middle school and freaked (phreaked) out, and still uses this term to describe phone phreaking today). Does this system have a method of raising flags and other security measuers? Practically speaking, do you think I'll get in any trouble? Lastly, if you're ever near campus and want to play with their centrex, you can do so by just walking into the Hillm4n Library, go through the doors on the ground floor marked exit and immediately take a left into what used to be a payphone bank, there's a nice and secluded public university phone to use. Let's get some good old-skool discussion going here! thanks for reading!
  24. Thoughtphreaker - Thanks! that really does mean a lot, and I'm actually pretty proud of it myself, I've only had a small handful of phreaking accomplishments in my lifetime in addition to this. So yeah, it seems like it's definitely an avaya system, that tone you posted is exactly it. I wasn't able to listen to the audio you posted in your edit for some reason, but I'm sure it just confirms that it's an avaya sytem. I'll have to do more exploring of the 123 prefix soon and I'm sure I'll find some way to record it. It's also really nice to actually be told exactly what a system like this has in terms of security - I had always imagined something with... more common sense. oh, almost forgot, there is certainly no sorcery with any of the extra pairs going on with this system, as all the phone's i've come across only have the lone pair to begin with. And systems_glitch and nyphonejacks, thanks for the info about getting caught, now I can sleep easy at night knowing there's no Tom Duffy after me. oh, nypj, Do DATUs even still exist? didn't they "change the passwords" on all of them anyway?
  25. First off, I'd like to start by saying that I used to go on this forum as samo but I honestly cannot log into my former account because I'm a moron who can't keep his passwords straight, so I made this new one. Anyways, a while back I came across a COCOT at a Jewel grocery store in the north Chicago suburbs that would connect me to a strange test number when I pressed *15. I hooked up my handy dandy induction coil mic to the phone's handset, recorded the faint DTMF tones that the COCOT played to the dialtone when *15 was pressed, and had the skilled ears of thoughtphreaker and royal decode the tones for me. The number is 888-244-3942. I don't know if giving info on how to log in would be a breach of BinRev's TOS or simply not intelligent, so I'll just encourage yinz to do some exploring and use common sense. Anyways, I'd love to get an old-skool discussion of ANI II values here. Honestly I hardly know much about them myself. Do note that the system is incredibly finnicky about accepting certain ANIs/CPNs. I really have no idea how it decides which incoming calls to allow a successful login and which ones it just continuously asks for a login from. What I'm saying is, if you can't login from one phone, try another. The login is really not hard to figure out, and there also seem to be some strange logins if you mess around with it long enough. It might not be smart to post such a number here but I'd rather risk having a useful test number that I found get shut down than continue to see this forum be as slow as it has been; this forum is my only access to the phreaking scene. So enjoy, and let's get a discussion going!