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  1. Bummer that this forum has been so inundated with spam I found a macy's with phone jacks in the changing room and I'm considering a phone trip back. Their phones at least look ancient and haven't changed in my lifetime. So yeah, anybody happen to have any info? Hope you're all doing well. phreak the planet!
  2. what's up phellow phreakerz?!?!?!?!? just looking for music recommendations/discussion about electronic music that at least has a similar feel to the pstn. i always wondered what someone like aphex twin or dj shadow could do sampling the phone system. has anyone extensively sampled the pstn? i admittedly don't have any great leads on music that feels this way, but it's gotta be out there right? the closest i have found is maybe music has the right to children by boards of canada, kind of sorta yellow calx by aphex twin, maybe oneohtrixpointnever? this is all really vague and none of these songs really sound like anything you'd hear through your headset. if this just turns into a discussion on electronic music in general i'd be just as delighted. and now, for something completely unrelated - a phreaking-centric tabletop rpg campaign would is kind of a dream of mine. imagine the dm sets up some pbx or asterix box you would have to gain access to, and you could social engineer the npc's. you could dumpster dive and the dm would have some roughed up print outs to sift through. if i ever have money i'd pay an arm and a leg to have someone dm this - so look out for a post on this in a couple decades. hope all is well with everyone. i really miss the scene, not like i was ever all that active, but every day that passes i'm more aware that the pstn gets more and more sterile, and that time is running out on us. yr friend, samo
  3. She works in Chicago, and it will be installed in a place where most customers will be international temporary residents, if that changes anything, and beyond that, I don't know what they're looking for. Open to all suggestions, and thanks in advance!
  4. jesus christ, that old att testline search is still up and running? how fucking old is that thing now?
  5. Wow I am a terrible person for not even checking this thread since I last posted. Sorry guys. I'll try to check this more frequently and would be up for it next time.
  6. I am free mostly all the time from 12:00 to 5:00ish, but it would depend on the exact day. I guess we should post our time zone too, huh? I'm central time.
  7. i don't expect anyone to magically hop on but i'm actually on right now and i'll be on for a half hour
  8. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh a conference it's been so long. i'll definitely hop on occasionally. that 2600 "gate" is sick, although with my smartphone dead and gone i'll have to awkwardly use my laptop as a bluebox. maybe we should agree on a time for us binrevers(?) to all hop on? how about wednesday evening, 8:00 central time?
  9. you have no idea how thankful I am for your response. seriously. thanks, systems_glitch!
  10. Alright, so I recently acquired a 2008ish pc running XP that has no wifi capabilities at the time, and I am unable to run an ethernet cable to it for various reasons. however, I have a 2009ish macbook that does have wifi, and I was wondering if I could somehow use it as, essentially, a wifi-card/router/whatever by connecting an ethernet cable between the two computers. thanks in advance
  11. hey, considering what i've read about you from your blog and the pla zine, i would not at all be surprised if you had a tap on your line.
  12. did you put that tap on yourself or was that from ameritech/law enforcement?
  13. two lame ones: 309-227-9999; funny sounding SIT tones courtesy of Citizens Telecom Co/frotneir illinois 309-228-9999 took like 10 seconds after the last digit, and finally connected me to a tandem error message (068T, calling from chicago suburbs). maybe something funny is going on in the ss7 stream here
  14. I just asked the operator and she said I'd have to call the disability office to get a tag put on my line, which I then did. The lady I spoke to was gonna send some forms to my house for me to fill out which I'd imagine require me to provide some documentation proving my 'disability' so I just told her to not bother. :'(
  15. In all my years with an interest in phones I have only successfully op-diverted maybe ten times. As sad as this sounds that's not an exaggeration - but on the bright side two of those happened on a cruise I went on like seven years ago where I got to go though a ship-to-shore system that was pretty cool. I've never had my local operator put me through to a toll free number, even when I say i'm visually impaired (haven't tried any other medical issue), and it's the same things with PIC operators; they all claim they can't connect toll-free calls. I have ATT as my operator, if that helps.