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  1. You should call him sometime and confess your love.
  2. The guy who was interviewed got it all wrong.
  3. I still use it. It is a nuisance to install it, but it works just the way I want it to.
  4. I have been using XFCE for so long, it feels odd to use something else. MY XFCE desktop has changed very little in many years and I like it that way. For example, my laptop (9 years old) looks about the same as it did when I first got it.
  5. Debian all the way, I use it for my personal boxes and in my classroom. For all my use, I am familiar with it. Though I am looking at using Kali to teach a Pentesting class with. If the powers that be will let me teach that.
  6. i just hate stankdawg

  7. hello sir

  8. not as weird as seeing him in real life, my wife was like, who is the homeless guy with the mac book.
  9. i might, second generation though, i really enjoy my locked up ipod and ipod touch.
  10. Please read the rules, as for photoshop, try gimp its free and awesome. for simple photo editing i also use picassa.

  11. building a single purpose box (based on arduino) that allows me to plug in a keyboard and an ethernet jack and then use irc, lcd to start with, tv is next.
  12. If you are looking for people to help with malicious things, then you need to keep googling for that type of forum, this is not it. If you are looking for learning about such things, then this is a good place to meet folks. I would recommend that you join some forums, contribute to them, and you will make friends in your experience group along with many people above and below. Welcome to Binrev.
  13. Is that also how you found lemon party? I actually have a doc of stats on that video that i like to keep updated, this is the first time i have seen someone say that it lead them to binrev.
  14. just enjoying the forums and trying to see what all has been going on