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  1. nobodies mentioned this one yet. turn on cain and reverse dNS poison him all day long, that way when he logs into his bank account/gmail/etc you can grab his password and steal his identity........ and then kill him no but seriously, just stop being a softy shoulda put more time into finding a legitimate roomate one of many life lessons live with it buddy... i'm pretty sure that now you will think twice next time you find your roomates in WOW forums or whatever
  2. allow me to simplify: 1. choose item 2. slide card 3. wait for handshake and the check for available funds 4. After sufficient funds are acknowledged, and before machine can send the deduct amount from the server, unplug the ethernet cord 5. Free candy til they check the logs the next day and find the incomplete transaction
  3. i'm not sure if its the same one but my buddy has a 60 gig vid ipod that he put a custom firmware that he downloaded, and now he can play ogg vorbis, as well as other types that were previously unavailable. in addition, there are several skins now that he can choose instead of the typical ugly white ipod scheme... my favorite that he has is the winamp classic skin... playlist and everthing.... it is teh shit!! almost makes me want to buy an ipod...
  4. wow!!! Strom Carlson's bit on fedex / kinkos was freaking amazing!!! as a computer engineer who uses some of those exact tools, i understood the attack so clearly, and was basically completely blown away at how a company such as fed ex/kinkos as well as the card manufacturers could be so retarded!! mad props to you strom, keep up the good work also, just like others have already said, it was really wierd to meet, see, and hear people from this website, of whom i've already gained so much knowledge and insight from, in person and now i can associate a face with some of the posts... so anyway to sum things up this year was way cooler than last year since the con was actually at a casino/hotel on the strip and not at ghetto alexis park... of course the badges kicked ass and i wish i knew wabout them ahead of time so i could have brought more stuff to mod it with...also picked up a tubular lock pick for under 100 bux from irvine underground,,,, thanks alot guys1111 ok ill stop my rediculously long, unorganized rant.. .. p.s.. i will post pictures as soon as i stop being lazy (never?)
  5. my buddy bought an E-book for school since it was sold out everywhere in the brick&mortar stores... he wants to print the damn thing so that he can read it without his laptop but it limits you to printing 10 pages every 30 days.... anybody know any interesting adobe pdf drm tricks? one idea i had was to print it to a pdf then try from there but 10 pages every 30 days puts a damper in that... any ideas?
  6. Hey guys i just acquired a netgear WG111 v2 , however, it does not pick up our neighbors wireless very well, so i opened it in hopes of installing some kind of antennae or something, but i cannot determine which point is the reciever (or whatever)... i have taken some pictures, can anybody help me out here? any suggestions?? past experiences??? thanks a bunch!! -pops TOP: http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y175/josh...44/DSC03364.jpg Bottom: http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y175/josh...44/DSC03365.jpg http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y175/josh...44/DSC03366.jpg
  7. ill be there..... drunk and gambling and hacking
  8. water cooling!!!
  9. i think it would be ideal to use one of those shuttle boxes... the cute little computer cubes... yea that would GREATLY decrease the size of the beast in your car, HOWEVER, GREATLY INCREASE the frustration when you have to open it up and do ANYTHING!!! man i rocked one of these for like a year and a half (not carpc just regular type) and at first i loved it but towards the end after switching hard drvies/ram/whatever here and there and it turning into an all day thing cuz u have to take out EVERYTHING to get access to certain things, .... finally i was almost HAPPY when the motherboard fried and i had to get a new real sized tower... luckly nothing else got fried so a quick reinstall to introduce the new motherboard to its neighboring hardware
  10. DVR

    i recently turned a computer into a tivo intel celeron 800 mhz 128 megs ram 30 gig hd hauppauge video card some linux distro thats pretty much only a media distro like no real linux just a little media center anyways... the thing was a success however, one of two things must be done well... besides the obvious fact thta the hd space is far too low so it works and all, but it is kind of (REEEAALLY)choppy, even at the lowest resolution... which looks like shit... this is because the particular TV tuner card by hauppague that i have is about 4-5 yrs old and does all of its encoding/decoding with software... obviously that software is going to suffer on a computer with 800 mhz celeron processor....... so what do i do? upgrade the ram, and the processor? wwell thats option A Option B: get a new TV card, one that does all of its operations solely in the hardware, this would allow the computer to take a chill pill and relax while all the crazy work is getting done before even going to the computer all it has to do is otput the signal onto the screen well the computer was originally donated to me by a buddy of mine, (well the terms are not in concrete yet, he may want it back some day) and i do not feel like putting in any extra money to it i was just curious the difficulty of converting some old shitty comptuer to a tivo.... so there you have it and of course 30 gigs is laughable when doing anything
  11. id probalby guess radio shack? my roomate used to work there and he could sell deaf people ear plugs
  12. ive had shit surge of me many a times... usually what ends up getting fried is the sound card or the video card.... no idea why really... thats just my personal experience
  13. god this is such a lovely program... i use it to pwnz0r my neighbors who restrict me from their wireless!!
  14. i like the urban exploration page and plan on posting my own pics soon as well!!
  15. yo i bought one of these from www.woot.com for 400 dollars plus 5 shipping about 2 or 3 weeks ago... at the time it was the only place you could buy them at... it could definitely use some open source work.... but it is suuuuucchh a cool toy!!! ok so heres the low down the reason i bought this is not to watch movies in class (im in college no point its just a waste of the 60+ dollars per class) not to watch on airplanes cuz i don't really fly very often... a very cool feature of this thing is the inline recording and video out.... so i can hook this baby up to the TV and grab anything from family guy episodes to movies on HBO etc etc... so not only can it be recording ffrom that source... (or any source that has rca for that matter) it can also output the image on the TV too so that you can watch it while it records in full screen and not have to stare at the little screen.... also... as soon as i fill out the stupid form, i either get a 70 dollar rebate OR a fuckin thing tthat u hook up to ur cable box thta is basically like tivo and then you can hook your guy up to it and sync the recordings... this way you do not even have to be anywhere near the tv when the scheduled thjing comes on.... it does scheduled recording.s... which is about the only thing you can't do right now with just the media player.... iam sooooooo pleased with this purchase and it is sooooo coolll.... not to mention 40 gigs is a good amount of space as once you record a half hour show rip the commercials and change the format to a better one (right now the recorder only records asx and at H(half)VGA...( however when it comes out open source and to the public it will be more than HVGA) the shows only take up about 150-160 megs....not bad at all!!! as for battery life, i usually keep it plugged in so im not sure of the exact battery standards.... but fuckin a overalll A++++++ badass fuckni media player oh did i mention it also records audio, video, plays audio, video, views pictures, wow!!! can't wait til itts open source some problems definitely need to be kinked out for one: when listening to an mp3, you can't roam around looking for the next song... once you un-highlight a song it stops playhing----WEAK!!! this might make sense for video but come on for mp3s? how are you supposed to find a next song to play.... actually thats like myu only gripe so far.... i shall be awaiting your questions and comments for i am a real human being that owns the neuros 442....... which is actually so called the 442 because of the Oldsmobile 442, a classic muscle car with a four-speed transmission, a four-barrel carb and dual exhaust. (Four, four, and two, see?) yea yea anyway enough rambling... its sweet... bottom line
  16. http://www.frsirt.com/exploits/20050922.PwnZilla.php
  17. i say keep up the good work it sounds like you are on track just keep doing what you are doing and you will gradually get involved in more and more detailed situations and by being on the spot you will learn what works and what does not... one reccomendation i can give you for sure: calling people by their names reeally helps for some reason...
  18. i was wondering if anybody out htere knew of a program or some kind of method to save streaming videos that you find online... for example http://www.gofish.com/cnv.asx?gfid=17-13523 there is no filename or anything in that url but when you click it it pull up a video which happens to be wmv... any ideas on how to save that vid to my hard drive?
  19. found a lan line it didn't work for in my area... umm.. i also checked if it works for a payphone and it surrre nuff does
  20. i say gimps http://www.mersenne.org/prime.htm
  21. yea yea im a linux n00b :yell: :cry:
  22. yupp!! definitely works.... thats terrribly stupid
  23. i know when i installed mepis linux dual booted on my system it worked all gravy... then one day while messing around with settings decided to use their included NVIDIA driver.. instead of the generic one it was already running off of.... so then upon restart, the screen looked worse than scrambled pr0n back in 3rd grade ... so an yway... since i couldn't see shit, my only option was to reinstall and never ever speak of this nvidia driver ever again..... that solved my problem at least... -and i was using an nvidia graphix card which is the worst most ironic part
  24. 1-800-444-4444 tells you the number that you are calling from... since it is an 800 number im guessing it should work anywhere cross the country
  25. well it doesn't fit your criteria of plain and simple with a small screen but i am simply in love with my ericsson s710a... sony memory stick duo card slot (actually comes with the card too), comes with ericsson headset, which would be annoying to buy if they didn't come with it cuz they are a gay attachment that nobody else in the world uses, has a media player built in with a SUPER *loud* speaker that BUMPS fer sure... umm what else the unit slides open sideways so the screen you see on the outside before you open it is the same screen you see after you open it only upside down... which is sweet cuz the screen is HUGE!! it also has camera (1.3 mp) and video camera with built in auto/manual flash... i could talk about this phone for days.... soooooooo happy werd