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  1. My 1st HOPE as well, but not my first con. HOPE is different in that fact that 2600 runs it has a political slant and is overtly white-hat. I had a great time and it was very different from other cons I've been to. Sorry I missed the meet up, but those comics were funny!! The hacker house party was fun and I ran into some familiar faces there.
  2. I might go, I live in the city so it shouldn't be too bad to get there. Maybe I'll just stop by the bars afterwards.
  3. pussy
  4. for remote hacking windows telnet prompt is just as good as a nix command line..let's not turn this into os v os
  5. Good luck on getting anywhere w/ that lawsuit, anybody remember Echelon ?
  6. This shit goes on ALL the time, on both side of the law. Governments pay for ppl to code 0day and there are sites where you can easily buy exploits, and pay crackers to break into sites. Although 4,ooo USD seems high if they are reselling it to others.
  8. My crew was very politely asked not to attend last year. Maybe we'll sneak in this time around.