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  1. This community has been a great resource for me! I hope someone can help me with this issue. My gear: I have a Dell M1730 laptop, configured to triple boot with Win 7, Ubuntu 10.10, and BackTrack 5 gnome 32-bit. I am using Alfa AWUS036H and Alfa AWUS036NH usb wifi adapters. My GPS is a USGlobalsat BU-353. For the fun of it, I thought I would do some wardriving in my area. I registered with WiGLE.net and saw that my general area looks a bit sparse. I want to use the BT5 with Kismet, MySQL, GPSD, and GPS Drive 2.10pre4 to log my trips. Kismet and TangoGPS both detect my BU-353 but I can not get GPS Drive to see my gps unit. I have spent several days searching for an answer with no luck.
  2. What type of AP are you using and what type of firmware does it have? Something as simple as adding a space to an AP's name can prevent you from using aireplay-ng on it? Or is there a work around when you encounter this situation? A two part AP name still returns a syntax error when I try to use it with aireplay-ng.
  3. I was playing with my Linksys "Test Dummy" today. I ran across something that has me puzzled. I was doing a scan with Airodump-ng and I saw another AP with a two part name "my WirelessNet11". I scanned with Kismet as well to see if it would show any differently. The scan did not reveal a special character. Aireplay-ng returns a syntax error if you try to do a fake-auth to a two part name. And as far as my Linksys setup is concerned, a space is an illegal character. (Yes, I tried to do a fake-auth because I was curious). How did they get their AP to accept a two part name? Or am I just missing something?
  4. I seem to have an issue with macchanger that I cannot resolve. I am using an Alfa '36 usb adapter with the RTL8187 chipset on BT5. When I place wlan2 (my Alfa card) in monitor mode using airmon-ng, it makes a new interface "mon0". For some reason mon0 shows the real mac address an not the faked one that has been given to wlan2. To further complicate matters, I cannot change the mac for mon0. What am I doing wrong, and how can I resolve this? The commands I use are as follows: airmon-ng (check interfaces) airmon-ng stop wlan2 macchanger wlan2 or macchanger --mac-11:22:33:44:55:66 wlan2 airmon-ng start wlan2 (channel) macchanger -s wlan2 (displays the faked mac) macchnager -s mon0 (displays the real mac) mon0 does not exist before I start wlan2 and cannot be changed afterwords because it is in use.
  5. Thanks for the info H4x0r! I am just curious. I got to thinking about that last night, I had to figure it out. The "Anonymous networks" sound interesting too! There is always something new to learn.
  6. I am learning to use Linux and how to hack for the fun of learning how to. I am using BT5. I understand how to mask my IP address while I am using a web browser, via a proxy. My question is this: How would someone mask their IP address while using a program that runs via terminal? Also, what are some other good methods of masking one's IP address? Almost every result I find using Google says "proxy". With all the hacking events in the news, I can't believe that a proxy or even a chain of proxies could prevent law enforcement from locating a hacker. What are they doing to keep from being caught?
  7. I am shopping for a USB wifi card. I have a Dell laptop with a PC mini card that is all but useless for war driving. I found a topic on this forum. But, it is from '07. Ok, this is what I have: A Dell M1730 running Windows Vista, Backtrack 4 Final and Ubuntu 10.10. Vista and Ubuntu are partitioned for dual boot. BT 4 is on VMware. I have read a number of posts stating that Alfa Network is a great way to go. I was looking at the AWUS051NH with the Ralink RT2770 RT2750 chipset. Would this card be my best choice, or is there something better? I am most concerned with the cards performance while I am using BackTrack 4.