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  1. You should be able to dial international freephone lines through a CIC like 101-0288, unless you've blocked access to those.
  2. I asked Evan about the missing Z tapes. Those were given to Mark Bernay but were not recorded by Mark or Evan. He can't remember off the top of his head who contributed them. Evan wasn't aware that the tape was only posted temporarily. He has some other material in addition to the -part-1 file on Thoughtphreaker's server. He wants to extract the stuff from those files that he doesn't already have in higher quality and get it out. If that doesn't happen relatively soon, remind me!
  3. When I first saw the number I wondered why you were asking about the ANAC as well! I would have thought this was a Dominion recording as well, but I feel like it might be hard to tell. I don't see a telephone directory on their website.
  4. I'm chiming in pretty late, but since I was served by a Windstream (formerly Alltel, formerly Mid Continent), I figured I should add my two cents. Some things in Windstream territory followed the Verizon standard for the area. For example, the CO numbers were the same last 4 that Verizon used. Same deal for the milliwatt. In general, the standards from the nearby LEC might filter down to the independent companies. Might that situation apply to you as well? Other than that, I've noticed that Windstream varies quite a bit from place to place. The ANAC in my town was NXX-3NXX, so if your exchange was 234, you might want to try 234-1234, and 234-2234, etc. Try all the office codes served by your switch and see if you come across anything interesting. Even the remotes. For some reason, they put the ANAC on a remote! Also, I found some other interesting things by looking in the range of the old local business office number. See if you can dig up some old telephone directories for your town, and see if you can find the number for the business office. Also, it was posted on the old underground telephone lines placards, so see if you have any old looking telco signs in your area. Also, I think I also found the old business office number by searching for Alltel and Mid Continent online. That was many years ago, back when there was a lot more old, outdated directory information online.
  5. Around here, any payphone that was "forgotten" when Pacific Telemanagement took over and still has Verizon signage is dead. I found several payphones at Arnold Palmer (RIP) Regional Airport that were updated with Pacific Telemanagement logos but were still CO-controlled payphones. So, you never know. Always check!
  6. Cool, I haven't heard them called that before. Thanks!
  7. What's high-low mean?
  8. I guess it's worth noting that even with the rebrand, they kept 483 (GTE) as the code you need to dial to order service.
  9. From what I understand, some places do, some don't. I haven't encountered this in my area. Around here I usually find more pairs with battery but no dialtone than pairs that lack battery.
  10. Also, it sounds like this took a lot of work. Was this that big of a problem for the ambulance company? Or is Verizon trying to use this case to somehow gain something?
  11. Interesting! Seems legitimate, but I wonder why people are calling an ambulance company instead of 911.
  12. I would try asking in the SingingWires Yahoo Group.
  13. I don't think XY equipment is very rare so that price seems high. The seller is clear about the fact he doesn't know what he's got. Xhausted mentioned that control circuitry is required. That is true but at the 2014 Lancaster TCI show, somebody had one XY switch (not sure if it was a universal switch) in a demo unit. I could find out some specifics. If the requisite equipment to make it work by some means fit into a demo, XY seems small-scale-friendly. I'm putting together a small SxS system. I got most of the equipment at a TCI show. This stuff is out there, but only a minuscule amount is sold on eBay. You can place & receive calls with just a connector switch; small scale is possible.
  14. I couldn't reproduce the bug on a different DMS line this morning. This is cool though, I'll be sure to try it on every DMS I encounter from now on!