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  1. Unison is pretty amazing if you are running OS X. Also you want to subscribe to a good news server if you want binary access. is one of my personal favourites. I rarely use it for anything other than binaries these days though although there's still some good stuff posted especially by academics.
  2. ATF-Cleaner will delete all the shitty cache files. I have freed up about 1GB of space on a friends laptop using this. You could also try disabling hibernate as it takes up a few hundred megs.
  3. It's quite common here in Ireland for criminals to fit fake covers over the card slot on atm's which clone the mag strip and install a camera to record you entering your pin.
  4. Is this some sort of dream sequence?
  5. wget
  6. I work as an intern for a fairly massive silicon company. The only site they block that I know of is
  7. Perhaps the video card could be overheating. Give everything a good cleaning and make sure there's no dust blocking the fans. Also you have to consider the possibility that you have a faulty card.
  8. It helps to have a compiler when you are compiling stuff... Ettercap, ettercap, ettercap!!!
  9. Bittorrent sucks, especially when you are using those public trackers. Slow as fuck. I prefer to pay a little for usenet and consistently max out my connection. 100 - 250 kB/s with torrents 1 MB/s with usenet. Enough said.
  10. Could perhaps be your sshd config? Are you allowing external connections? You seem to be running an awful lot of services too. Every one of those is a security hole just waiting to be exploited. You do NOT want to be running telnet. Best to tunnel EVERYTHING through ssh if you can and only forward port 22.
  11. Try using Disk Utility to repair the drive, it's in Applications/Utilities. You're gonna have to say how you formatted the drive. HFS+ ?
  12. Brutal Gift (for teh Macintosh) The best thing about that app is the sound of breaking glass on startup
  13. OS X allows you to securely delete free space on your drive. It also has a Secure Empty Trash feature but because the OS automatically defrags files on the fly (woohoo) there is a good chance that even after deleting there could be ghost copies of those files on the drive.
  14. You've basically been told a solution in the first reply. The port for EVE has more than likely been manually forwarded to his computer. Perhaps it could also be uPnP in which case it's happening automatically. Turn off uPnP (if it's on) and disable the port forwarding for the game. Thing is it won't take much for him to log into the router and change the settings back. He'll probably enable the password too. Another thing you could do is use an ettercap filter mangle all the packets from the router to his computer on that port but that'd be a little more work. If you are upset because your boyfriend is neglecting you at night you should sit him down and have a heart to heart. Tell him he has to choose between you and his online games
  15. Something like that. You need to set up Dynamic DNS. Your router may be compatible and you can set it up to log into dyn dns periodically to refresh the IP. You then need to set up sshd and forward ports. Use vnc if you need GUI but tunnel it through ssh as it's insecure as hell.