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  1. +1 Here's another +1.
  2. It might, I just downloaded and installed it on my version. Thanks for the reply though, maybe next person who needs some of these answers will find this thread.
  3. Python is simple to learn and allows you to pick up on the advanced concepts of programming that you will need with any language. That tutorial is the one I used to learn, and it helped me alot. If you decide to go that route, post any questions about python on the programming board and some helpful members will attempt to help you out. Oh, almost forgot, Welcome the to board.
  4. LibraOffice forked off of OpenOffice. The question you should ask is why was this product was needed and created in the first place. It's because Oracle recently acquired OpenOffice. Oracle is not continuing support of the open source projects it took over from Sun in the spirit of open source. The open source community is not too happy with them. Oracle tends to control the code tightly, and prefer their own developers develop the code. Many people in open source are shunning Oracle and will refuse to work further on OpenOffice. It will probably continue to be freeware, but won't get a lot (if any) open source support, especially since Libra Office is out there now. Right now there isn't a lot different with them because the code fork just happened, but over time, LibraOffice will be developed on and embraced by the Open Source community. OpenOffice will not. Can you tell this was written by an open source developer??? Ha, oh well. Honestly all bantering aside, without community support and involvement, features will be added that are unimportant to the end user and that cause bloat and important features that end users really need may not always be added. Libra Office will be a better product in general, both physically and ethically. EDIT: FORGOT TO REPLY TO CYB3R_THR34T Thanks for the reply. I think I may be ready to make the move over to ubuntu full time here in a little bit.
  5. I use the utorrent client, and download from and 1337x is very liberal to join by the way.
  6. I am going to say get that adapter as I have one and it works great. I believe Alfa Network also has a 1w adapter, which would get you better range. BT4 works good with my Alfa AWUS051NH and if for some reason it don't work with yours, most of AWUS051NH adapters ship out with a BT3 Live CD. I cannot recommend a better adapter for you, and good luck with your wardrving.
  7. I was just randomly googling stuff trying to find a place to go after the old j!nx forums disappeared. Stumbled across here and registered immediately.
  8. Thanks for the reply guys. I might check out LaTeX as it may be what I need. As far as MS_Office goes, its nice when you have a volume license at the place you work. Okay one more question, are there any compilers for basic that work in Ubuntu?
  9. Too far for me, but if you ever find yourself in Orlando, we still meet every 3rd Friday. Next time i'm heading down that way I will swing by.
  10. The question is in the description, namely what Word processors do you all like. I have used linux for a little while, but now want to move over to doing all my articles in Ubuntu 10.4. I still run windows but always start my VirtualBox as soon as I power on my computer. I am trying to move to Linux full time but have yet found all the programs I want. I just want you suggestion on what word processor I should use. Thanks for any replies.
  11. Well said, very well said.
  12. Nice find. Now someone just needs to find car # 1337, lol.
  13. Not a bad board. Anything that promotes hacking and community is a plus in my book. It looks like they both use IPBoard and the favicon is not either binrev's or leethacker's, but belongs to invisionpower, which created the forum software they both use. Should have thought of that. I agree that any forum/site that promotes the hacking community, while staying out of the law's crosshair is a good thing. Anyways that's about all I have to add for now, created me an account over there, and will start checking into the boards and finding out how decent they are to new members.
  14. Not a very 56k friendly homepage, looks like a decent forum though. One question did you rip your favicon off from binrev?
  15. Yea finding a decent RC helicopter that could hold a small netbook would be an issue, especially trying to find one at a bargain. Though I work at a computer store, and my boss likes to try new and different things. So I may get some funds from him for this little project, one never knows.