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  1. Nice setup! I'm a little jealous though. I can't convince the wife to let my buy a rack let alone hack one out of a IKEA RAST table.
  2. I've run into the same issue too when swapping out my broadcom for an Atheros based mini-pcie card on my HP tx1420. I also spent as many hours fixing my bricked machine and luckly I had a crisis recovery disk on hand. From what I know of IBM/Lenovo and HP seem to be the ones who do this the most and I have not run into this issue with my Asus laptop.
  3. 805|CA| San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Ventura, and Southern Monterey Counties, California.
  4. Right and between other leads you can get different voltages as well. +5v with +12v will get you +7v (+5v as your gnd lead) or -12v (gnd lead) and +5v is +17v and so on.
  5. I just finished building my bench power supply this weekend from an old ATX power supply. This site has a lot of information on how to build one. Yellow: +12v Red: +5v Orange: +3.3v Black: Ground Blue: -12v Brown: +3.3vs (+3.3v remote sensing) Green: Power On Purple: +5vsb (+5v stanby) Grey: Power OK White: -5v (most newer ATX power supplies may not have -5v)
  6. I don't think that's a Caesar Cipher as a Caesar Cipher should only shift the letters to another letter and not to punctuation.
  7. Started with DOS 6.22 and Win 3.11. My first Linux experience was with Mandrake Linux 10.0. Since then I've dual booted my systems with Linux and windows but primarily use Linux.