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  1. Has anyone read "Hacking Ma Bell"? It's a compilation of old Yippie newsletters. Don't want to spend the $15.95 without a review. It says it was published 6 months ago but this is the first I've heard of it. Anyone read it? From Amazon: "Youth International Party line is recognized as the first hacker newsletter. Co-founded by Abbie Hoffman, YIPL picks up where Steal This Book left off. From 1971 to 1984, Youth International Party Line (Later T.A.P.) was a ticket to a world free of charge. With practical tips ranging from free payphone scams to lock-picking, if you wanted advice on subverting corporations and living for free, YIPL was the source. This volume brings back into print the rare first 23 issues of YIPL, from its beginnings as a tool to disseminate tactics for undermining AT&T's monopoly, to its evolution into a clearinghouse for scams on obtaining everything for free. The bible of phone phreaks and first-wave hackers, this classic newletter has been out of print for decades. Its all here: From technical schematics for obtaining free phone calls to scamming free electricity. This is the first 3 years of the rare hacker newsletter that has been studied and mythologized for decades."