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  1. It's become a bit sour, hasn't it.
  2. You ought to sort your priorities right. Saying that you want a future in programming, but as of yet have failed to learn how to program, with fruitless repetitive attempts emancipates that your dreams remain as pipe dreams, and suggests that you would most probably be unable to self-educate yourself in the field. Attending a college may, or may not improve the current condition of your level of understanding, this usually depends on your will and attitude to learn under an authority, and not for your own development. If you hope to have any future in this, you should learn _how_ now. Tomorrow really never comes, and if it does, you're probably not going to learn it, anyway. It's time you made a decision, and acted upon it.
  3. Fortunately, I'm not a subscriber to an ISP. Thus, I don't have an ISP generated email address. I wouldn't particularly mind one, but its not centric to my requirements. biosphear, I don't really mind/care.
  4. Here's the gist, I'm sick of yahoo, msn/hotmail, gmail. And want an alternate provider for mail services (if there are any) I remember hackerspaces do some sort of mail provisions, but they require you to pay or something. So which do _YOU_ know about? I'm starting with www.hackermail.com
  5. `reality based docu drama' Such an effort would only excite the media, causing chaos.
  6. I had no idea it was a six month thread. I was just looking over topics. Half of those e-books were purchased, with money.
  7. Yeah, I'll take a look into the blackhat paper: http://www.uninformed.org/?v=4&a=5&t=sumry In regard to .py, I just want to have an idea of how buffer overflow exploits are written in it.
  8. The prodigy. Rammstein. Lil' wayne.
  9. How about 'codeweavers.tld', or 'codeprog.tld', or 'forloop.tld, or 'stackframe.tld'.
  10. That isn't entirely true. NULL pointer dereferences isn't limited to only DOS exploitation; There's a vulnerability, of a high priority OS kernel, which is suspectible to NULL pointers, and can be locally exploited to provide the hacker with execution of arbitrary code at the kernel level, on 80x86 systems, or on SPARC systems a DOS. I'm also aware that the language is irrelevant, with or without sockets. I'm asking how to write Python exploits ... I wouldn't know where to start.
  11. http://delta-xi.net/index.php?/archives/21...ermissions.html might prove handy.
  12. Been looking through search engines recently, for more detailed explanations on Null pointer dereference vulnerabilities, and their exploitation. I haven't found a lot of reliable documentation which I can learn from, but I do know that it exists; Anyone got anything on them? Hmm, and anyone got anything on exploiting buffer overflows, in the Python language? Another thing I've been looking for, for a while.
  13. Aghaster.org? You can use asciidot for content management. It's really good, converts some sort of .txt to .html, with straightforward design models.
  14. As stated earlier by someone else, you can use virtualbox; It was developed by SUN Microsystems. It is a free alternative to VMWare, which is equal to the task of virtual systems. Youc an find it here: http://www.virtualbox.org It should be in your repository also.
  15. Has anyone on this thread thought outside language syntactical model learning ? I think its essential, more so to learn how to design data structures and algorithms; the ability to interprete programs consisely is highly regarded, else you write code with flawed algorithmic ideologies, creating problems for you later on in your programming career. I'm not sure, however, if everyone agrees with me here, oh well, here are a few books I got earlier: odd@fbzd:~$ ls Documents/programming/design/ Code Complete.pdf Introduction to Algorithms.pdf linkers_and_loaders.djvu Programming Pearls.pdf The Practice of Programming - Kernighan & Pike.pdf Write Great Code: Understanding the Machine Volume 1.chm Write Great Code: Volume 2 Thinking Low Level Writing High Level.pdf Good enough?