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  1. no way, 1.6 really killed it for me and everyone else i kno that playz CS. It was a big let down to actually install it and find nothing that could keep you from uinstalling. 1.5 servers are still active, and i bet there are more 1.5 players than 1.6 players out now. :voteyes: 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 !!! :voteyes:
  2. I just recieved this email... I replaced my user id with XXX. Although I did not go to the link for my "registration", I did go to the senders website, . That sure gave me a laugh. I'd just like to know where I would look to find the senders ip address. This could be a joke from a friend, maybe not. If I knew the ip, I could figure out who it is. Thanks
  3. Ha, i dont think they work in busses at all. So all u hav to do is bend at the "T" in the word "Metro" and swipe a couplve times???
  4. if this link was placed sumwhere else, forgive me for bringing it bak. I dunno if this petition would do anything, but its worth a try. To me, it seems like many ppl are spending waaay too much time trying to set up thier new notebooks and never get em working with *nix. Maybe there could be sum chance of getting linux bak on notebookz, considerably centrino systems...
  5. As I am from NY, I get to notice alot of wieeerd thingz going on in the subwayz stationz. Once thing i havent seen much of nemore is the metro card swiping that enables free rides if done right. So im sittin here wonderin if neone would hav info on qny recent trix of the trade to get those free rides once again. What type of categorization would u consider this as? Im thinkin...maybe an urban exploration trade, like lock picking or sumtin.
  6. If it is a damned stunt, they sure did put a lot of work into that. That creator surely has No life at all(if it is in fact a prank). In the site they talk about EMPs destroying alot. AwwWWww man, i sure would miss all my gadgets. Just think about all the things u hav, and what u would actually be able to use if we had EMPs blastin off in our neighborhod. I kno it woulndt b prettie at all, suicidal to sum. MUhaHAaHAHa
  7. friend sent me this site, i dont kno if i should believe it or not. I am too freaked now to believe anything, buh for one thing... I will follow the words of advice and try to make the best of the future wether or not his tellings will follow thru or not >>>>>>>>>
  8. wow, my page came up in less than 30sec, maybe optimum is doing something good...