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  1. I have been running x86 for a while on my dell, dont have an actual mac
  2. Karen's Power Tool's Alarm Clock And its free!
  3. Device Manager, mice and other pointing devices, disable the one you want.
  4. With winrar, click extract to then in the dialog box, click keep broken files.
  5. Well i just got one of these today, and let me say, i am a complete noob at this. I would like to do things such as drive thru stuff due to the fact that i live no more that a few roads from a Macdonald's. I have been but i am not sure what mod i would need to do for it to be capable of things such as this. My serial is 9Jxxxxxx
  6. i love you too.
  7. very nice....although you spell script kiddie as script kittie, LOL!!!
  8. If you would like free spyware here are a few good tips: 1.Torrents Sites:full of em' 2.Kazaa (any version) : Chock full of spyware 3.Cracks : A lot of spyware in dodgy cracks (which i dont condone at all)
  9. Oh really..... If you really did this you must be god...
  10. They should have gone with sextel.
  11. ^ Read rules dude. ^
  12. Speaking of cops, i suggest everyone here watch "Busted - The Citizens Guide to Surviving Police Encounters", VERY helpful in terms of knowing your rights.
  13. you think your school is not secure, i dont even have to do anything to get to the command prompt but click on start
  14. Anyone ever heard of anything like this? I have recently aquired a PDA with a infrared thingy and was wondering about useing it to mess with those betabrites, usin the same principle of a remote control on a pda.
  15. Usually i use nmap with -O sometimes it works, sometimes not. I hope you have permisson to use those expoilts... :nono: