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  1. Ooooh, ooooh, can Venom and I play?!?!
  2. You might want to check out Cain, too. It's at oxid.it . Learn about ARP spoofing, it's an amazingly useful trick.
  3. I can imagine that the urge to talk must be immense.
  4. I can think of SO many more things I'd rather do with that sort of access to that dude's phone. Imagine who he must've had in his phone book.
  5. You have to admit that is pretty hard Depends on what they're doing. I haven't really even bothered to grab their banner, so that'd be the first step, IMO.
  6. Shouldn't be any harder than owning a normal Fedora box.
  7. Sounds like fun :-) LAST ONE TO OWN THE PS3 IS A ROTTEN EGG
  8. If I could get the materials for free, would you advise it? I'm fairly new, think it'd teach me anything?
  9. We will meet in the food court of the Westfield Shoppingtown mall, preferably really close to the pizza place. AIM me if you need details. I can't honestly say that I expect anybody save for myself to be there. I will be giving a presentation on the various eating and bathing habits of some of my friends, since I doubt anybody will be there anyway. If someone does show up, I'll talk about WEP cracking, because that's what everyone talks about when they don't have a real presentation. Really, we'll probably just chill. Everyone is welcome, even non-hackers looking to learn. As long as you're looking to learn. If it's just a few of us, I'll even order a pizza for us. If anyone else attends, I'll try to bring some eye-candy, too. You MUST post in this thread or AIM me if you will be attending.
  10. I dunno how much they charge, but some part of me is just screaming "NO" at getting a certification in something like hacking, which SHOULD be voluntary and of your own free will. My mind is creating horrific scenarios in which nobody actually loves hacking in the future, no, they just want their certifications. I'll stick with the "listening to what other hackers have to say" syllabus.
  11. Female hackers don't exist. Sorry.
  12. Well, aren't you cheery?
  13. I'd just take the test, or look over the materials. Is it going to teach me anything? Assume that I care only about knowledge.
  14. FURTHER proof that bitches ain't shit.