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  1. if your laptops are running windows, run cmd. if cmd is taken down, open notepad and write: start hack.bat then save it as cmd.bat. Open the bat file you just made and cmd should open up. now onto the actual part, the easiest. For example, if i wanted to access Yahoo, type in: ping it will come up with the ip address of the site. in the address bar of your browser, type the ip address. it should get u there. Thanks a lot, but the webpage comes up to an "Error" and says that it can't load the page. My web filter does that to any webpages not recognized on its blacklist or whitelist.
  2. Hi, I go to a small-town school in a backwater area, and they hand out school laptops to all of us students. I know nothing about hacking, and all I know is that my school's network security settings are absolutely ridiculous. They block everything from Yahoo to Wikipedia, and Google is classified as "Adult Search Engine". I'm not out to damage govt. property, I just want to be able to research my project topics for history on Wikipedia -_____________- The program used is M86 Security, if that helps. Your assistance is appreciated ^^