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  1. Thanks Tekio. Unfortunately checking the don't use promiscuous mode option failed to change anything. Given that it's a public network with multiple machines, I'm not sure how I would go about taking it off the network. I've just installed Wireshark, but am entirely lost. I watched over the first tutorial and plan on looking more into it, but was hoping someone could look over my recent capture and shine some light onto this problem. I've attached the file. (Note: Had to change the file extension in order to allow the upload, switch back to .pcap) Thanks. Test 1-14-11.txt
  2. Admittedly, I am completely inexperienced with Cain and Able so please bear with me. I’ve been able to successful use the sniffer and APR tools to poison my local network which includes a secondary computer. However, I’ve been struggling with scanning Mac Addresses for public networks. I select configure from the menu and select my device which has the IP address and press OK. I subsequently press the Sniffer button and Blue Plus Sign. During the scan, every IP address apparently shows up on the menu. Example 00180A021709 Meraki, Inc. 00180A021709 Meraki, Inc. 00180A021709 Meraki, Inc. 00180A021709 Meraki, Inc. 00180A021709 Meraki, Inc. etc… Any ideas?